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Phrase - Lemon Juice

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Lemon  Juice

It is a treat to have all the oranges we want. I use lemon juice freely. It is the best thing you could use for rheumatism, for your head, and for malaria.--Letter 119, 1896, p. 3. (To "Children," July 31, 1896.) Released 1958.  {2MR 48.1}

The third day when the aromatic odor of the cigars came to me I became stomach-sick. The most intense pain pierced my eyeballs and back of the eyeballs in my head. It seemed that the top of my head was crashing like broken glass. My distress became very great. I thought I was going into a fit. Large drops of perspiration stood upon my face and my entire body broke out in profuse perspiration. Then came a confused noise in my head and I became blind and fainted entirely away. In half an hour I revived by lemon juice being pressed in my mouth. I knew as soon as I revived that it was the smoking of cigars which had thus affected me. All in the cars were alarmed and smoking was banished from the car. I have not fully recovered from the effects of this illness.  {11MR 122.1}
522. My appetite left me some time before I went to the East. But now it has returned; and I am very hungry when mealtime comes. My thistle greens, nicely cooked, and seasoned with sterilized cream and lemon juice, are very appetizing. I have vermicelli-tomato soup one meal and greens the next. I have begun again to eat potato meal. My food all tastes good. I am like a fever patient who has been half-starved, and I am in danger of overeating.  {CD 324.1}


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