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<--> "The standards and practices of the Church are based upon the principles of the Holy Scriptures. These principles, underscored by the Spirit of Prophecy, are set forth in this church manual. They are to be followed in all matters pertaining to the administration and operation of local churches. The Church Manual also defines the relationship that exists between the local congregation and the conference or other entities of Seventh-day Adventist denominational organization."     Voted by 59th GC Session - June 27, 2010
Current Church Manual  ( 19th edition )  approved by 60th GC Session, San Antonio
   Church Manual ( 18th edition ) approved by 59th GC Session (about 100 changes)
       Chapter  1:    Why a Church Manual                  Page 17 to 21
       Chapter  2:    Church of the Living God              Page 22 to 25
       Chapter  3:    Organization and Authority           Page 26 to 31
       Chapter  4:    Pastors and Church Employees     Page 32 to 36
       Chapter  5:    Organizing, Uniting, Dissolving Churches   Page 37 to 43
       Chapter  7:    Discipline                                         Page 56 to 67
    Church Manual of Seventh-day Adventist Church  (17th edition)
         This is the version approved in 2005 and has served the church for five years. The new addition was printed and distributed in March 2011 - we recommend that you visit our Church Manual Changes page.  To see previous editions of the church manual, there is a table of LINKs below.
   Texts from the Writings of Ellen G. White that have been approved at a GC Session to appear in the Church Manual. Titles reflect the section of the Church Manual in which they appear.
Study in Church Governance and Unity
    - 54 page study prepared Sept. 2016
( for the October 2016 Annual Council )
        Unity in Mission document approved on Oct. 11, 2016
Study of Membership Reinstatement Procedure
Lectures on the Church Manual presented to GYC Conference in Seattle - Nov. 2012
by Jay Gallimore, President of Michigan Conference   ( six part series - audio files )

 Church Manual Changes 
Changes to church manual voted by General Conference Session - Atlanta, 2010
Proposed Changes by the 60 GC Session in San Antonio - in Agenda for Session
Errors in the Church Manual that have not been corrected
If you want to propose a change to the church manual, you should read this page
   Clarification or change of the Church Manual
If you have proposed a change - please tell us about it.  People are interested in your experience.
Changing a Fundamental Belief  -  at 2015 GC Session
Contact Fundamental Beliefs Review Committee now

     Church Manual Clarifications
      Discussions of clarifications needed to church manual texts


     Church Manual Quiz - - Discuss and comment on selected church manual texts

The General Conference (Office of Archives & Statistics) has 16 previous editions of the Church Manual available in PDF format.
  2015 - 19th Edition 2010 - 18th Edition 2005 - 17th Edition
2000 - 16th Edition 1995 - 15th Edition 1990 - 14th Edition 1986 - 13th Edition
1981 - 12th Edition 1976 - 11th Edition 1971 - 10th Edition 1967 - 9th Edition
1963 - 8th Edition 1959 - 7th Edition 1951 - 6th Edition 1942 - 5th Edition
1940 - 4th Edition 1938 - 3rd Edition 1934 - 2nd Edition 1932 - 1st Edition

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