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place  in  the  church
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I saw that Stephen was a mighty man of God, especially raised up to fill an important place in the church. Satan exulted in his death; for he knew that the disciples would greatly feel his loss. But Satan’s triumph was short; for in that company, witnessing the death of Stephen, there was one to whom Jesus was to reveal Himself. Saul took no part in casting the stones at Stephen, yet he consented to his death. He was zealous in persecuting the church of God, hunting them, seizing them in their houses, and delivering them to those who would slay them. Saul was a man of ability and education; his zeal and learning caused him to be highly esteemed by the Jews, while he was feared by many of the disciples of Christ. His talents were effectively employed by Satan in carrying forward his rebellion against the Son of God, and those who believed in Him. But God can break the power of the great adversary and set free those who are led captive by him. Christ had selected Saul as a “chosen vessel” to preach His name, to strengthen His disciples in their work, and to more than fill the place of Stephen. { EW 199.1} { 1SG 89.1 } 
It is time for God to work. It is time for a reform. God has beheld the selfishness, the lack of doing others good. Self demands every extra effort. These things must be seen, and when there is a true sense of feeling over these things, it will bring her to the borders of despair. Brother B must move carefully, keep his mind in the right channel, fill his place in the church, and sympathize not with wrong. { 15MR 333.2 } 
Had you been standing in the counsel of God, acknowledging the gifts of His Spirit as occupying their proper place in the church; had you been in heart and principle with the Review, established upon the strong truths applicable for this time; had you been giving meat in due season to the people of God, your influence in-----and vicinity would have been very different. You would have had a pointed testimony to bear in harmony with those who are leading out in this great work. Individual wrongs would have been reproved. Faithful labor would have brought up the Sabbathkeepers there, so that they would not have been behind other churches. But they have almost everything to learn. You should have borne a pointed testimony, impressing upon them the necessity of sacrificing, and all doing a part to bear the burden of the cause. You should have brought them up upon systematic benevolence, leading all to act a part and exert themselves to do something to advance the cause of truth. Your indefinite position, and leaving matters so loose and slack in-----has had a bad influence upon the cause there. The opposition you felt and talked out in regard to organization and the advance of God’s people, has borne fruit which can be seen in many places in northern Wisconsin. { 1T 315.2} 
And while we would caution you not to overeat, even of the best quality of food, we would also caution those that are extremists not to raise a false standard and then endeavor to bring everybody to it. There are some who are starting out as health reformers who are not fit to engage in any other enterprise, and who have not sense enough to take care of their own families, or keep their proper place in the church. And what do they do? Why, they fall back as health reform physicians, as though they could make that a success. They assume the responsibilities of their practice, and take the lives of men and women into their hands, when they really know nothing about the business. { 2T 374.3}  Testimonies for the Church 2:374, 375 (1869).  { CH 161.2} 
Brother B has but little reverence or respect for his brethren; he thinks that his judgment and his knowledge and abilities are superior to theirs; therefore he will not receive anything from them, nor trust to their judgment, nor seek to counsel with them, unless he can lead and teach them. He will act according to his own judgment, irrespective of his brethren’s feelings, their griefs, or entreaties. When he separated his confidence from the heart of the work, Satan knew that, unless this confidence could be restored, he was sure of him. Brother B’s eternal interest depends upon his accepting and respecting the helps and governments which God has been pleased to place in the church. If he follows a course of his own choosing he will eventually find out that he has been altogether upon a wrong track and that he has deceived himself to his ruin. He will take first one turn, then another, and yet after all miss the true and only path which leads to heaven. { 3T 437.3} 
Let the gifts have their proper place in the church. God has never set them in the very front, and commanded us to look to them to lead us in the path of truth, and the way to heaven. His Word He has magnified. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are man’s lamp to light up his path to the kingdom. Follow that. But if you err from Bible truth, and are in danger of being lost, it may be that God will in the time of His choice correct you, and bring you back to the Bible, and save you.—Ibid., February 25, 1868 { 1BIO 325.6 } 
For the setting of this vision, we must go back to the turn of the year and notice some of the intervening activities. There had been a very favorable response to the reading of the Ellen G. White testimony at the conference held in Battle Creek the preceding November, with a strong standing vote calling for its publication. Also at that conference, James White had made a stirring presentation on “the unity and gifts of the church.” This, it was reported, “seemed to have a place in the hearts of the people” (Ibid., November 12, 1857), with many expressing their pleasure on seeing this subject taking its “proper place in the church.” { 1BIO 366.2 } 
place  in  the  church  of  God
I saw that persons who had been so enshrouded in darkness and deception that Satan had controlled not only the mind but the body, would have to take a most humble place in the church of God. He will not commit the care of His flock to unwise shepherds, who would mistake and feed them poison instead of wholesome food. God will have men care for the flock who can feed them with clean provender, thoroughly winnowed. Oh, what a blot, what a reproach, have these fanatical movements brought upon the cause of God! And those who held so fast to this spirit of dark fanaticism, notwithstanding the plain evidences that it was from Satan, are not to be relied upon; their judgment is not to be considered of any weight. God sent His servants to Brother and Sister G. They despised correction, and chose their own course. Brother G was jealous and stubborn, and his future course must be marked with great humility; for he has proved himself unworthy of the confidence of God’s people. His heart is not right with God, neither has it been for a long time. { 1T 229.2} 
a  place  in  the  church
There was a time when Israel could not prevail against their enemies. This was because of Achan’s sin. God declared, “Neither will I be with you any more, except ye destroy the accursed thing from among you.” God is the same today. If defiling sins are cherished by those who claim to believe the truth, the displeasure of God rests upon the church, and He will not remove it until the members do all in their power to show their hatred for sin, and their determination to cast it out of the church. God is displeased with those who call evil good and good evil. If jealousy, evil surmising, and evil-speaking are allowed to have a place in the church, that church is under the frown of God. It will be spiritually unhealthy until it is cleansed from these sins, for till then God cannot reveal His power to strengthen and elevate His people and give them victory. { 1888 144.2 } 
I was shown that the same injudicious treatment has been exercised toward others. Some precious souls that could not justify the unchristian course pursued toward the doctor were crowded until they have separated from the church, and others have been cut off. Such a spirit has taken possession of those who have ever carried things by storm that Satan, instead of the Spirit of Christ, has triumphed. Some of those who have been deprived of the fellowship of the church have been more worthy of a place in the church than those by whom they were cut off. God calls upon these to repent, and learn of Christ the spirit of meekness, of self-denial, and love. { 12MR 287.2 } 
There were many in the church who waited for the appearing of the Saviour, and this threat was made for the purpose of frightening them into subjection. In some cases this policy brought about the desired result, and the favor of God was sold for a place in the church. Many believed, but dared not confess their faith, lest they should be turned out of the synagogue. But some left soon afterward and joined the company of those who were looking for the Saviour. { 1T 43.3} { LSMS 61.1 } 
Sister Richmond, who brought up these things, should have urged more weighty reasons against herself, why she should not have become a member of the church. Was she without sin? Were all her ways perfect before God? Was her patience, her self-denial, her gentleness, and forbearance, and calmness of temper, perfect? If she was without the weakness of common women, then she could cast the first stone. But these sisters who were left out of the church were beloved of God. They were worthy of a place in the church. These were dealt with unwisely, without a sufficient cause, and there were others whose cases were handled with no more heavenly wisdom, or without even sound judgment. Bro. Waggoner’s judgment and power of discrimination have been perverted for very many years through the influence of his wife, who has been a most effective medium of Satan. If Bro. Waggoner had possessed the genuine quality of independence, he would have had a proper self-respect, and with becoming dignity built up his own house. If he has started upon a course designed to command respect in his family, he has generally carried the matter too far, and has been severe, and has talked harshly and overbearing. He would become conscious of this after a time, and then go to the opposite extreme and come down from his independence. { PH159 130.2 } 
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