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Evil Reports ( 47 ) Carry evil reports
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Evil  Reports
Related phrase:  carry / carrying evil reports  ( below )
How much suffering would be prevented, if those who claim to know and believe the truth, would practice its precepts! In living out the lessons of Jesus, we make it manifest that we are not careless, inattentive, unfruitful hearers of the word. If those who claim to be the followers of Christ were only obedient to the truth, the door that is now open where Satan finds access and enters to wound and bruise the soul, would be closed. How careful we should be not to offend one of the little ones that belong to God! The Saviour said, “It is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” Let every member of the church try to save the souls of others, and not through criticism and evil reports discourage or destroy them. How many and how great evils would be extinguished in the church if men followed Christ’s rule of dealing with the erring, instead of following the impulse and passion of their unsanctified hearts!  { RH July 22, 1890, par. 2 }
When an effort is made to ascertain the truth in regard to matters that have been represented as wrong, those who have been the accusers are frequently unwilling even to grant the accused the benefit of a doubt as to the reliability of the evil reports. They seem determined that things shall be just as they have stated them, and they treat the accused as guilty without giving them a chance to explain or state the truth of the case. When there is manifested a spirit of such fierce determination to make a brother or sister an offender, and the accusers cannot be made to see or feel that their own course has been wrong, what does this show? -- that the transforming power of the enemy has been upon them, and their character reflects his attributes.  {15MR 175.3}
What a world of gossip would be prevented if every man would remember that those who tell him the faults of others will as freely publish his faults at a favorable opportunity. We should endeavor to think well of all men, especially our brethren, until compelled to think otherwise. We should not hastily credit evil reports. These are often the result of envy or misunderstanding, or they may proceed from exaggeration or a partial disclosure of facts. Jealousy and suspicion, once allowed a place, will sow themselves broadcast, like thistledown. Should a brother go astray, then is the time to show your real interest in him. Go to him kindly, pray with and for him, remembering the infinite price which Christ has paid for his redemption. In this way you may save a soul from death, and hide a multitude of sins. { CCh 174.4} { 5T 58.2} 
Those things which seem to the Christian most grievous to be borne often prove his greatest blessing. Reproach and falsehood have ever followed those who were faithful in the discharge of duty. A righteous character, though blackened in reputation by slander and falsehood, will preserve the purity of its virtue and excellence. Trampled in the mire, or exalted to heaven, the Christian’s life should be the same, and the proud consciousness of innocence is its own reward. The persecution of enemies tests the foundation upon which the reputation really rests. Sooner or later it is revealed to the world whether or not the evil reports were true, or were the poisoned shafts of malice and revenge. Constancy in serving God is the only safe manner of settling such questions. Jesus would have his people use great care to give the enemies of his cause no ground to condemn their holy faith. No wrong action should cast a stigma upon its purity. When all arguments fail, the slanderers frequently open their galling fire upon the besieged servants of God; but their lying tongues eventually bring curses upon themselves. God will finally vindicate the right, honor the guiltless, and hide them in the secret of his pavilion from the strife of tongues. { 2SP 212.1 } 
There is a great work to be done among church members. Many who are not called upon to enter the public ministry may do much good in their home church by speaking advisedly with their lips. The talent of speech should be used to glorify God. Too often it is used to convey evil reports. This grieves away the Holy Spirit. Let us remember that we have a Saviour who has bidden us [to] come unto Him with all our burdens. He will give us peace of mind, and He, too, will adjust that which to us seems so full of entangling difficulties. “Come unto me,” He pleads, “all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ... { RC 283.5} 
We have had seasons for fasting and prayer, beseeching that the Lord would raise up laborers to go into his harvest-field, and yet, when laborers have been raised up, and sent to different fields, many of them have not been appreciated, even those who have given full proof of their devotion to, and interest in, the work. Envious tongues have spoken against them, evil surmisings have been cherished, and tares have been sown by those who would not like to reap the bitter harvest that will result. Before we appoint another day for fasting and prayer that the Lord shall raise up laborers, let us see to it that we treat those who have already been sent, with respect and love, as God would have them treated. Let us not treat them in such a distrustful manner that their prayers will ascend to God for deliverance from the evil surmisings and evil reports of their brethren. As long as those who are doing a good work for the Master, are not appreciated, but accused, condemned, and oppressed by the false tongue, how can we consistently ask God to raise up more laborers? There needs to be a turning away from talebearing and talebearers, and a drawing toward our brethren,—a coming near, even heart to heart, that the grace of Christ may be manifested in large measure through his people. The church should be bound together with the golden chain of love, and then it would be terrible as an army with banners. { RH October 31, 1893, par. 4 }
True wisdom is full of mercy and good fruits. There are bigots enough in the world who imagine that everything which concerns them is perfect, while they pick flaws in the motives and principles of others. Will you look at these things as they are? As long as you disparage others, you are not what God would have you to be, nor what you must be if you are ever saved in the kingdom of heaven. The converting power of God must come into your hearts and transform your characters before you can adorn the gospel of Christ with a well-ordered life and a godly conversation. Then there will be no evil-speaking, no evil surmising, no accusing of your brethren, no secret working to exalt self and disparage others. Christ will reign in your hearts by faith. Your eyes and your tongue will be sanctified, and your ears will refuse to listen to evil reports or suggestions from believers or unbelievers. Your senses, your appetites and passions, will all be under the control of the Spirit of God; they will not be given up to the control of Satan, that he may employ your members as instruments of unrighteousness. { RH March 12, 1895, par. 11 }
The men in responsible positions have disappointed Jesus. They have refused precious blessings, and refused to be channels of light, as He wanted them to be. The knowledge they should receive of God that they might be a light and blessing to others, they refuse to accept, and thus become channels of darkness. The spirit of God is grieved. Never can the heart be stirred up with envy, with evil-surmising, with evil reports, but the intellect becomes unbalanced, and cannot decide correctly any controverted point. The attributes of Satan which have found entrance to the soul, cannot harmonize with truth.—Manuscript 13, 1889, 3, 4. (“Standing by the Landmarks.”) { 11MR 243.3 } 
Carry  evil  reports
Let not any man or woman feel that he or she has been appointed to carry evil reports from church to church, and from conference to conference. I have been grieved beyond measure to see how easy it is for persons to spend precious time in this cruel work. The proclamation of the first, second, and third angels’ messages is now to be our burden. Those who spend their time in thinking and speaking evil are bringing to the foundation, material represented by hay, wood, and stubble, which will be consumed by the fires of the last days. They will one day see that their time has been spent in weakening churches, institutions, and conferences. { RH November 24, 1904, Art. A, par. 9 }
spread  evil  reports
We need to be instant in prayer. It is our great privilege to hang our helpless souls upon Jesus Christ, and to rest for our salvation upon His merits. Let us speak words that will elevate and ennoble, and that will make pleasant impressions on the minds of those with whom we converse. The Lord wants us to be sanctified and to walk in humility of mind before Him. If we are obedient to His commandments, not a reproach can fall on us justly. Others may talk about us, they may spread evil reports concerning us, but these reports need not be true. { CH 243.2}  { RH August 8, 1907, par. 11 }
carrying  evil  reports
Many are holding onto the truth with but the tips of their fingers. The precious time that should be spent in speaking of the Saviour’s power to save, is being spent by many in carrying evil reports. Unless they make a decided change, they will be found wanting. Unless they have an entire transformation of character, they will never enter heaven.... The truly converted man has no inclination to think or talk of the faults of others. His lips are sanctified, and as God’s witness he testifies that the grace of Christ has transformed his heart.... Those only will enter heaven who have overcome the temptation to think and speak evil.  { SD 348.6} 
I have been especially instructed in regard to the danger of drawing apart, and of evil speaking and contention. We need to bow before God in repentance because of our lack of love for one another, and for him who died for us. The gold of love and faith is not abundant among us. Many are holding on to the truth with but the tips of their fingers. The precious time that should be spent in speaking of the Saviour’s power to save, is being spent by many in carrying evil reports. Unless they make a decided change, they will be found wanting. Unless they have an entire transformation of character, they will never enter heaven. A deep, thorough work needs to be done in the hearts of those who profess to be children of God. Until they reveal the faith that works by love and purifies the soul, very little genuine work for God will be done in the world. { RH November 24, 1904, Art. A, par. 7 }
bear  evil  reports
Let us refuse to bear evil reports concerning our fellow laborers. The reputation of men and women is held of high value by him who gave his life to save souls. He has told us how those in fault should be dealt with. No one is sufficiently wise to improve on God’s plan. { RH May 12, 1903, par. 6 } { PH151 84.2 } 
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