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Shepherd's Rod Apostasy exposed
The Shepherd's Rod movement exposed as Apostasy
Feb. 20 to March 1, 2017
Live and on the internet every day from February 20  to  March 1, 2017  at the Secrets Unsealed Studio in Fresno, California.
There will be two presentations each night. The first will be presented in English starting at 6 pm Pacific Time and after that the second presentation will be in Spanish.
Here is what you will learn:
Untangling the web of error can be extreamly complex. In this series, you will learn to discern the counterfeit. The Dividian Movement, often called the "Shepherd's Rod" has hooked many unsuspecting Bible students who are seeking "present truth".  By the end of this series, you will recognize and be able to refute the major Davidian doctrines such as Eziekiel 9, the stone of Daniel 2, and the pre-millennial kingdom, as well as their commonly used Bible and Spirit of Prophecy references.
You will gain a clear understanding of truth by rediscoverning the beauty of Adventism; guarding yourself against deception or helping someone already involved with a dissident group.
Live streaming will be available on YouTube
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