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Poetry by RFH ( page 10 )

              by RFH
  We are not
    defined by those
    that may love
      or hate us,
  But only
    by the One
     that loved,
      fashioned, and
       made us.
  Please  read  Psalm
  8:1-9   which   says
  in part, "When I con-
  sider  Thy  heavens,
  the work of Thy fing-
  ers,  the  moon  and
  the stars which Thou
  hast  ordained; what
  is  man,  that  Thou
  art mindful of him?"
 (c) RFH 01/29/2017
[Nonprofit use permitted]

        by RFH
  Father and Savior:
  By Your Holy Spirit
    I strive to be
     like Thee;
  Not to give up
   on anyone,
    but to let anyone
     give up on me.
 It is written in Isaiah
 53:3, "... we hid as
 it  were  our  faces
 from Him ... and we
 esteemed Him not."
 It  came to pass  as
 later written in John
 19:15,   "But   they
 cried out, '... crucify
 Him.' "
(c) RFH 02/18/2017
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            by RFH
  It is according
    to one's desire
    that determines
      each one's case;
We're either in Satan's
  line of fire
  or in the scope
    of our Lord's grace.
It is written: In Proverbs,
"For as  he thinketh in
his  heart, so is he ..."
In Joshua, "... choose
you this day whom ye
will  serve ..."  And  in
1  Peter  5:8,  "...  the
devil, as a roaring lion,
walketh  about,  seek-
ing   whom   he   may
  (c) RFH 05/05/2017
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       RFH's first "country-western" poem:
          by RFH
Well, howdy!
  How do you do?
  Don't mind me,
    I'm just passin' thru.
A long way t'go
  but a short time to;
  Don't mind me,
    I'm just passin' thru.
Whether you help me
  or I help you,
  it don't matter none --
    I'm just passin' thru.
Listen, if you will,
  to my Savior's Song;
  After I'm finished
    I'll just move along.
A long way t'go
  but a short time to;
  Don't mind me,
    I'm just passin' thru.
(My Savior's Song would
also  be  known  as  The
Traveler's Psalm  --  or A
Song Of Degrees -- found
in   the   eight   verses  of
Psalm 121.  Also, please
read  The  Strangers And
Pilgrims verse from Heb-
rews 11:13, and end with
John 14:3.)
        (c) RFH 01/22/2017 
[Nonprofit use permitted]

          by RFH
By thought, word,
  or deed
  we've broken down
    the Ten Barriers
    and let
      the enemy in;
O Lord, we pray,
  search our
  hearts today;
    disperse the enemy
    and purge us
      from such sin;
So that we shall be
  perfectly free
  and so much more;
    more like Thee.
[In  Prophets and Kings
(Page 212), EGW wrote
in part: "Those who give
themselves  up  to   ...
Satan may boast of great
benefit received; but does
this prove their course to
be wise or safe?  What if
life should be  prolonged
[or]   temporal   gain   be
secured? ... All such gain
will   prove   at   last   an
irrecoverable   loss.   We
cannot with impunity break
down a single barrier which
God has erected  to guard
His  people  from   Satan's

         (c) RFH 04/07/2017
 [Nonprofit use permitted]

                    by RFH
 Where, O Lord,
   just where
    are my loved ones now?
     Life is getting tough;
  Someday we may all
    be together;
     it can't be
      soon enough.
 1 Thessalonians  4:16-18
  says in part, "For the Lord
  Himself  shall  descend ...
  and  the  dead  in  Christ
  shall  rise  first:  Then  we 
  which are alive and remain
  shall  be  caught  up  with
  them ... to  meet  the Lord
  in the air: And so shall we
  ever  be  with  the Lord ...
  comfort one another  with
  these words."
         (c) RFH 02/12/2017
         [Nonprofit use permitted]

              by RFH
  Those wise little eyes
    could peer in
    to see so much
      of this world of sin;
  But let them instead
    in innocence grow;
    There's ample time
      for them to know
  About the dark side
    of life (which
    the godly despise);
  So do all you can
    to help guide
    those wise little eyes.
  Proverbs 22:6  tells us:
   "Train up a child in the
   way he should go: and
   when  he is old  he will
   not depart from it."
     (c)  RFH 03/07/2017
      [Nonprofit use permitted]

       by RFH
   Tho' we live
     far apart,
     going thru
      some stuff;
   In matters
     of the heart,
     we're still
      close enough.
 Colossians 3:13
  says: "Forbear-
  ing one another,
  if [anyone has]
  a quarrel against
  any:  even  as
  Christ forgave
  you, so also do
(c) RFH 5/11/17
[Nonprofit use permitted]