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True Measure ( 6 )
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true  measure
Related phrase:  true measurement  ( see below )
True measure is everything. It is the very law of God. He puts His law into the least of men’s acts and dealings, that learning and living it they may be elevated, ennobled, and sanctified in heart and affection—faithful in the least. { OHC 139.2} 
Let some skeptical one come along, who is not willing to square his life by the Bible rule, who is seeking to gain the favor of all, and how soon the class that are not in harmony with the work of God are called out. Those who are converted, and grounded in the truth, will find nothing pleasing or profitable in the influence or teaching of such a one. But those who are defective in character, whose hands are not pure, whose hearts are not holy, whose habits of life are loose, who are unkind at home, or untrustworthy in deal—all these will be sure to enjoy the new sentiments presented. All may see, if they will, the true measure of the man, the nature of his teaching, from the character of his followers. { 1SM 45.2}  { 1NL 67.2 } 
The True Measure of a Man—Christian worth does not depend on brilliant talents, lofty birth, wonderful powers, but on a clean heart—a heart purified and refined, that does not exalt self, but, by beholding Christ, reflects the long lost image of divinity.—Letter 16, 1902. { Ev 135.3} 
Is it so that if, when the Testimonies come to our brethren, they harmonize with their ideas and plans, they are confident that they are of God; but that if, when they come, they do not harmonize with their cherished plans, they regard them as of no special value? If this is so, how can the message I bear fulfill the purpose for which it is sent? What power to help is there in the message I bear if when leading men receive from me a communication that cuts across their plans, they have so little faith in the Testimonies as to say that I have been influenced by my son or by some member of my family, or by some one else high or afar off. It is hard for me to believe that this is a true measure of their confidence. When the testimonies reprove men of experience, who are bearing large responsibilities, are we to expect that they will endeavor to justify themselves, as others of less experience have done? This is the temptation to which many yield, and by yielding they lose the benefits and blessings that they might receive by accepting the message. { BCL 43.2 } 
True Measure of Usefulness
The usefulness of a minister of Christ is measured by the results of his labors. When men and women receive the truth, and in their lives adorn it, following the example of their Lord, they recommend the truth and the minister who presented it. The minister is greatly strengthened by these seals of his ministry. { RH April 15, 1902, par. 5 }
True  measurement  of  a  man's  character
There are many who are treated as tares and hopeless subjects, whom Christ is drawing to himself. Men judge from the outward appearance, and think they discern the true measurement of a man’s character; but they make many blunders in their judgments. They put a high estimate upon a man whose appearance is as an angel of light, when in thought and heart he is corrupt and unworthy. On another whose appearance is not so favorable, they pass criticism, make him an offender for a word, and would separate him from the church because of his supposed defective character, when it may be that He who reads the heart, sees true moral worth in the man. Human judgment does not decide any case; for the Lord’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are his ways our ways. He whom we would separate from the church as altogether unworthy, is the object of the Lord’s solicitude and love. All heaven is engaged in doing the appointed work of drawing souls to God, and the Lord has said concerning his word, “It shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11 { RH January 3, 1893, par. 4 }
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