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Poetry by RFH ( page 9 )
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          by RFH

   Dear Father God:
     Please listen
      to me
        as I pray;
And forgive the wrong
  that I think
  and do
    and say.
    Help me
      to follow You
      in ev'ry
        single way;
    And help me
      to help
      others ev'ry
        single day.
   For Your Spirit
     and in Your
     dear Son's name
       I pray.
Prov. 19:17 (KJV) "He
that   hath  pity   upon
the poor lendeth unto
the  LORD;  and  that
which  he  hath  given
will He pay him again."
1 Jn. 3:17 "But whoso
hath the world's good,
and seeth his brother
have need, and shut-
teth up his bowels [of
compassion] from him,
how dwelleth the love
of God in him?"
   (c) RFH 11/16/2016
[Nonprofit use permitted]  .  .
      A TIME
by SOS & RFH
'To everything
  there is a season;'
A time to live,
  a time to die;
  a time to sell,
    a time to buy;
A time to plant,
  a time to reap;
  a time to laugh,
    a time to weep;
A time to wait,
  a time to choose;
  a time to get,
    a time to lose;
A time to stitch
  and a time to tear;
  a time to destroy,
    a time to repair;
A time to speak up
  and a time to not;
  a time for a little,
    a time for a lot;
A time to reap
  and a time to sow;
  a time to love,
    a time to let go;
A time to sleep,
  a time to wake;
  a time to give,
    a time to take;
A time to spend,
  a time to amass --
  Knowing that
    God wills:
'This, too, shall pass.'
Eccles.  3:1-8  "To
everything there is
a season ... a time
to love, and a time
to  hate; a time  of
war, and a time of
       (c) SOS & RFH
           by RFH


    Better a martyr
      than a traitor
      to God;
   Better the narrow
     than the wide
     most trod;
   Better to
      remain godly
      at any cost;
   For all who've
     lived here will be
     saved or lost.

  Matt. 7:13-14  (KJV)
  "Enter ye at the strait
  gate:  for wide is the
  gate,  and  broad  is
  the way that leadeth
  to  destruction,   and
  many there be which
  go in thereat: Because
  strait is the gate,  and
  narrow   is   the   way,
  which   leadeth   unto
  life [eternal], and  few
  there be that find it."

(c) TAH/RFH 11/18/2016

[Nonprofit use permitted]  .  .  .

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