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Atlantic Union Conference Executive Committee - 2016 to 2020
Atlantic Union Conference              www.atlantic-union.org
South Lancaster. Mass 01561         (978) 368-8333           e-mail:  gleaner@atlanticunion.org
      Churches:  584     Companies:  69      Members: 118,600              Publication:   Gleaner
President:    G. Earl Knight             Exec. Secy:   Pierre Omeler              Treasurer:   Elias Zabala, Sr.
Executive  Committee    ( 2016 to 2020 )  
Elected at Constituency Meeting:   June 19, 2016
List of Committee members published in AU Gleaner, August 2016 issue, page 5                 
LinkedIN profile
G. Earl Knight, Chairperson   (978) 368-8333  (x-3009) 
Pierre Omeler, Executive Secretary   (978) 368-8333  (x-3008)      POmeler@atlanticunion.org   
Tina Advani, SNEC Principal of Cape Cod SDA School. Attends Cape Cod SDA church.
Jose R. Alercon, Exec Secy, SNEC   (978) 365-4551 (x-602)   Jalercon@SNEConline.org  
John K. Amoah, Ministerial Dir, SNEC  Jamoah@SNEConline.org   
Henry Beras, President, GNYC;  (516) 627-9350   president@gnyc.org  
Jean Bernadotte,  NEC, Pastor in Clinton, Mass
Will Comley,  NYC       
Miguel Crespo, President, NY Conference, Syracuse, NY  (315) 469-6921 (x-  )  President@NYConf.org
Robert Cundiff,  President, NNEC, Portland, Maine   (207) 797-3760  (x-218)   BCundiff@NNEC.org  
Carveth DeLeon,  NEC, Anton, Mass ( lay member )  Mechanical Engineer @ Honeywell
Salvador Demallistre,  NEC  Boston area  ( lay member of Exec Comm since Feb. 2015 )
David Dennis,  SNEC  President,  (978) 365-4551 (X-600)   Ddennis@SNEConline.org  skypilot@SNEConline.org  
Oswald Euell,   Exec Secretary NEC,  (718) 291-8006  ( x-2229 )   OEuell@northeastern.org  
Yeury Ferreira, GNYC  
Trevor Forbes, Atlantic Union Associate Treasurer and Personal Ministries Director
Yves Francis,  Pastor, SNEC  Bethesda Haitian (Hyde Park, MA)  (617) 865-1042  info@bethesda.org  
J. Kendall Guy,  Personal Ministries Director, NEC  (718) 291-8006  (x-2259 )  
Avis Hendrickson, President, AU College  (978) 368-2000  President@AUC.edu  
                                       Lives Bridgeport, Conn
Daniel Honore, NEC President  (718) 291-8006  (x-2214)     dHonore@Northeastern.org
Theodore Huskins,   Executive Secretary,  NNEC,  (207) 797-3760 (x- 217)  Thuskins@NNEC.org  
Jose Joseph, VP, Haitian and African Ministries  (978) 368-8333  (x-  )  
Louisa Lacombe,  NEC  Health and wellness in Boston area  ( lay member )
Andy Lagredelle, GNYC, Pastor,  Lives Freeport, Long Island
Bledi Leno, GNYC, Multi-ethnic Ministries Director   (516) 627-9350  (x   )  
Tiffany Llewlyn, NEC  ( lay members ) Social worker in New York City
Jong Phil Lyn, GNYC  
Kenneth Manders,  President, Bermuda Conf   Office:  (441) 292-4110  also Pastors Warwick SDA Church  
Laura Mayne,  GNYC Principal of Brooklyn SDA School  (aka Laura Reid-Mayne)
Gladstone McLean, NEC, Elder of church in Hartford, Conn  (member Exec Comm since 2011)
Dionisio Olivo, VP Hispanic & Pourtugese Ministries  (978) 368-8333 (x-   )
Trevor Patton, GNYC  
Myrtle Pickett, NEC  - Bible Worker army  
Pollyanna Prosper-Barnes, NEC Family & Children's Min Dir.   (718) 291-8006 (x-2248)  
Hector Ramos, NEC, Hispanic Coordinator   (718) 291-8006  (x-2235)   HRamos@northeastern.org   
Delores M. Richardson,  NEC.  Certified Trainer for Children in Boston area
Alanzo Smith, new Exec Secretary, GNYC (Replaced Beras on Aug. 18, 2016)  Secretariat@GNYC.org
Sheena Smith,  Bermuda, Stewardship Dir.  (Linkedin profile says she is Architect lives British Columbia, Canada)
Dwight Sommers, NNEC  ( lay member )  Lives Bowdoin, Maine
Glorimar Teixeira, SNEC   Master Guide Training Coordinator in New Haven, Conn.
W. DeJaun Tull,  Exec Secretary, Bermuda Conference   (441) 292-4110
Elias Zabala, Sr.   Treasuer,  Atlantic Union Conference,   LINKEDin
List above last updated:  Sept. 30, 2017  
List of Committee members published in AU Gleaner, August 2016 issue, page 5  

Members  of  Association  Board
G. Earl Knight, Chair Pierre Omeler, Secretary; Ebenezer Agboka, GNYC,Tres
Daniel Battin, NNEC Tres;  Edson Bovell, NEC Tres; Pricilla English, NYC Tres; 
Trevor Forbes, Union; Silas McKinney, AUCollege; Lester Primus, NEC;
Lloyd Scharffenberg, GNYC W. Aaron Spencer, Bermuda;  Joel Tompkins, Jr. SNEC Tres; 
              Elias Zabala, Union Treasurer
Members of Constitution and ByLaws Committee
Pierre Omeler, Chair;   Eddly Benoit, GNYC; Lawrence Brown, NEC; Miguel Crespo, NYC;
David Deranmie, SNEC;   Kay Edwards, NEC;  Brian Holdipp, Bermuda; Donna Holland, NNEC;  
Hugh Langley, NYC;  Steven Loring, NNEC; Roberto Reyna, AUCollege; Lloyd Scharffenberg, GNYC;
W. DeJaun Tull, Bermuda; Don Winslow, SNEC    
Note:  There is a Dan Winslow listed on SNEC website
Letter  Codes  used  in  above  lists
NYC -- New York Conference, Syracuse, NY   www.NYconf.com    
    President:  Miguel Crespo  (elected July, 2016) 
    Executive Secretary:   vacant when Crespo moved up to replace Elias Zabala
NEC -- Northeastern Conference, Jamaica (Queens), NY   www.Northeastern.org   176 Churches
    President:  Daniel Honore replaced Trevor Baker  (June 2012)  
                                Admin Assistant (X-2114) Dawn Bridge-Levy    
    Exec. Secretary:  Oswald Euell replaced Larry Bailey ( June 2012 )
NNEC -- Northern New England Conference, near Portland. Maine     www.NNEC.org 
    President:   Robert Condiff        
    Exec. Secretary:   Ted Huskins
    Treasurer:             Daniel Battin   DBattin@NNEC.org
SNEC -- Southern New England Conference, South Lancaster, MA    www.sneconline.org 
     President:  David Dennis ( elected July 2013 )   
                               ( replaced Frank Tochterman )
     Exec. Secretary:   Whitford Shaw      
GNYC -- Greater New York Conference,  Manhasset, NY        www.GNYC.org
      President:  Henry Beras  President@GNYC.org    Replaced Earl Knight in July 2016  
                        He was Executive Secretary  ( elected June 1, 2014)   Replaced Gerson Santos
-- Bermuda Conference, Hamilton,  Bermuda     www.AdventistBermuda.org
    President:   Kenneth Manders                          Office:  (441) 292-4110  
    Executive Secretary:    W. DeJaun Tull       List of Past Presidents