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Chapters that Inspire
Spirit of Prophecy
Chapters  that  Inspire
                                                                                                                          July 25, 2016
  I visited a church last week, they have prayer meetings that study the writings of Ellen White, currently using the book Education (published in 1903) as a textbook. A chapter from the book, EDUCATION is presented each week.
  Last week the presenter went off topic and used his time to present a mini sermon. It was a good message, but it did not cover Chapter 7 and I expressed my disappointment to church leaders.
  I asked them to allow me to have 10 minutes at the next meeting to present something about the importance of this chapter about the "Lives of Great Men"
  Here is something that a sent to the First Elder, it takes 8 minutes to present (much faster to read it silently).  http://www.diggingfortruth.org/article/4290/
  I was impressed to start a section in this website about the chapters that inspire the reader.  I would like to present Chapter 7 of the Book Education as the first in this series.  Click here to read Chapter 7
Another chapter is good medicine for discouragement - Prophets and Kings, Chapter 13
This chapter will inspire you to stand firm like Daniel  -  Prophets and Kings, Chapter 44
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