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Knowledge of the Word of God (74)
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Knowledge  of  the  Word  of  God
Related Phrase:  Knowldege of the Scriptures  (  )
God's people in these last days are not to choose darkness rather than light. They are to look for light, to expect light. . . . The light will continue to shine in brighter and still brighter rays, and reveal more and more distinctly the truth as it is in Jesus, that human hearts and human characters may be improved, and moral darkness--which Satan is working to bring over the people of God--may be dispelled. . . . As we near the close of time there will be needed a deeper and clearer discernment, a more firm knowledge of the Word of God, a living experience, and the holiness of heart and life which we must have to serve Him.  {TMK 347.5}
Rash, overbearing expressions do not harmonize with the sacred work that Christ has given His ministers to do. When the daily experience is one of looking unto Jesus and learning of Him, you will reveal a wholesome, harmonious character. Soften your representations, and let not condemnatory words be spoken. Learn of the great Teacher. Words of kindness and sympathy will do good as a medicine, and will heal souls that are in despair. The knowledge of the word of God brought into the practical life will have a healing, soothing power. Harshness of speech will never bring blessing to yourself or to any other soul.  {GW 163.2}
God would not have us in any sense behind in educational work. Our colleges should be far in advance in the highest kind of education. . . . If we do not have schools for our youth, they will attend other seminaries and colleges, and will be exposed to infidel sentiments, to cavilings and questionings concerning the inspiration of the Bible. There is a great deal of talk concerning higher education, and many suppose that higher education consists wholly in an education in science and literature; but this is not all. The highest education includes the knowledge of the word of God, and is comprehended in the words, "That they might know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom Thou has sent." John 17:3.  {CT 45.1}
God is calling not only upon ministers, but also upon physicians, nurses, colporteurs, Bible workers, and other consecrated laymen of varied talent who have a knowledge of the Word of God and who know the power of His grace, to consider the needs of the unwarned cities. Time is rapidly passing, and there is much to be done. Every agency must be set in operation, that present opportunities may be wisely improved.-- Acts of the Apostles, pp. 158, 159. (1913)  {Ev 533.1}
The minister who ventures to teach the truth when he has only a smattering knowledge of the word of God, grieves the Holy Spirit. But he who begins with a little knowledge, and tells what he knows, at the same time seeking for more knowledge, will become qualified to do a larger work. The more light he gathers to his own soul, the more of heavenly illumination will he be able to impart to others.  {GW 98.2}
What can the most learned in book lore know aright without a knowledge of the Word of God? Without the education found in the Bible, how shall we reach the next world, where we shall enter the presence of God and see His face? Nothing of this world's wisdom, the knowledge gained from books, presents a true and sure foundation upon which we can build for eternity. Nothing but the bread that comes down from heaven satisfies spiritual hunger. "For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world." . . . The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life" (John 6:33, 63). . . . As we eat the words of Christ we are eating the bread of life, which gives spiritual vitality.  {HP 137.3}
Not only does our own salvation depend upon our knowledge of the word of God, but the salvation of others is to a large degree dependent upon our faithfulness to this duty. We are to be laborers together with God, and the word of God is called the sword of the Spirit. The knowledge of revealed truth is the spiritual weapon by which God is to make us mighty to the pulling down of the strongholds of the enemy. It is through the power of the word that souls are to be delivered out of darkness into light. As Christ's representatives and followers, we are to speak the truth in love, making it manifest that we have been with Jesus and learned of him. We are to approach others in the spirit of kindness, in tender affection and compassion, winning them to Christ by a representation of his love and power.  {MM, May 1, 1892 par. 9}
thorough  knowledge  of  the  word  of  God
It is through divine mercy in giving to the world such men as Martin Luther and his co-laborers that we are now free to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience. We who are living so near the close of time should emulate the noble example of the great Reformer. Like Luther we should seek a deep and thorough knowledge of the word of God. It should be our highest ambition to stand firm as a rock when the strongholds of truth are assailed by an unbelieving world and an ungodly church. In the near conflict, thousands will be called to imitate Luther's constancy and courage. Now is the time for us to receive education and discipline in the school of Christ. Now is the time to cultivate faith and courage. Let the cry pass from one to another of the waiting ones, Stand fast. "Yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry."  {ST, July 26, 1883 par. 18}
obtain  a  knowledge  of  the  Word  of  God
Related Phrase:   Obtain a knowledge of God  (  )
It becomes every one who has any connection with the work of God to move modestly and cautiously, if he would not be deceived by the enemy of souls. If you do not individually have divine enlightenment, you will certainly make great mistakes; you will call good evil, and evil good. I have been shown that you should have less burden of form, and a greater burden to see deep heart work in the Sabbath-school. Every teacher in the school should feel that he is a missionary for God. He must improve his moments and his ability to obtain a knowledge of the Word of God, that he may impart the same to his scholars. Teachers will become disqualified for their position if they are not learners. They need freshness of ideas, fresh, wise plans, life, tact, and spirit in their work. They must be apt to teach.  {TSS 24.1}
Every teacher in the school should feel that he is a missionary for God. He must improve his moments and his ability to obtain a knowledge of the word of God, that he may impart the same to his scholars. Teachers will become disqualified for their position if they are not learners. They need freshness of ideas, fresh, wise plans, life, tact, and spirit in their work. They must be apt to teach.  {CSW 118.1}
 God has given us many things in this life upon which to bestow our affections, but when we carry to excess that which in itself is lawful we become idolaters. . . . Anything that separates our affections from God and lessens our interest in eternal things is an idol. Those who use the precious time given them by God--time that has been purchased at an infinite cost--in embellishing their homes for display, in following the fashions and customs of the world, are not only robbing their own souls of spiritual food, but are failing to give God His due. The time thus spent in the gratification of selfish desires might be employed in obtaining a knowledge of the Word of God, in cultivating our talents, that we might render intelligent service to our Creator. . . . God will not share a divided heart. If the world absorbs our attention, He cannot reign supreme. If this diminishes our devotion for God, it is idolatry in His eyes....  {TMK 322.3}
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