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Found in the Word of God (42)
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
found  in  the  Word  of  God
Related Phrase:  contained in the Word of God  ( see below )
The principles of health reform are found in the Word of God. The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the Word. It is the Lord's design that the restoring influence of health reformshall be a part of the last great efforts to proclaim the gospel message.-- Medical Ministry, p. 259.  {CME 8.2}
Health reform is to stand out more prominently in the proclamation of the third angel's message. Theprinciples of health reform are found in the word of God. The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the word. It is the Lord's design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message.  {CD 75.3}
If you have failed in your duty to your families, confess your sins before God. Gather your children about you and acknowledge your neglect. Tell them that you desire to bring about a reformation in the home, and ask them to help you to make the home what it ought to be. Read to them the directions found in the Word of God. Pray with them; and ask God to spare their lives, and to help them to prepare for a home in His kingdom. In this way you may begin a work of reformation; and then continue to keep the way of the Lord.  {CG 557.3}
Contained  in  the  Word  of  God
 I saw the necessity of the messengers, especially, watching and checking all fanaticism wherever they might see it rise. Satan is pressing in on every side, and unless we watch for him, and have our eyes open to his devices and snares, and have on the whole armor of God, the fiery darts of the wicked will hit us. There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is "present truth" that the flock needs now. I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth, to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul. Satan will here take every possible advantage to injure the cause.  {EW 63.1}
In every generation and in every land the true foundation for character building has been the same -- the principles contained in the word of God. The only safe and sure rule is to do what God says. "The statutes of the Lord are right," and "he that doeth these things shall never be moved." Psalms 19:8; 15:5. It was with the word of God that the apostles met the false theories of their day, saying, "Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid." 1 Corinthians 3:11.  {AA 475.2}
True faith rests on the promises contained in the word of God, and those only who obey that word can claim its glorious promises. "If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye shah ask what ye will, and it shah be done unto you." John 15:7. "Whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight." I John 3:22. {CET 126.4} 
We have a great work before us, and there is need of many educated laborers who have fitted themselves for positions of trust. As our youth are trained for service in the cause of God, the Bible must lie at the foundation of their education. The principles of truth contained in the word of God will be a safeguard against the evil influences of the world.  {CT 204.1}
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