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Category:   Chain Stores - Franchises
    Name  of  Store        Location of store
7 Eleven Myrtle and Seneca Avenues
  Fresh Pond and 68th Avenue
Carvel Myrtle and Forest
  Metropolitan and Forest
Dominos Pizza Onderdonk and Cornelia
Duane Reade Palmetto and Myrtle Avenues
  5711 Myrtle near Seneca
Dunkin  Donut 5615 Myrtle @ Cornelia
  Wyckof and Stockholm
  Metropolitan and Himrod
CVS Pharmacy Metropolitan and Fresh Pond
Family  Dollar Myrtle and 70th Street
MacDonalds Myrtle and Wyckof Avenues
Radio Shack 5736 Myrtle @ Onderdonk
- Rite Aid Pharmacy - Fresh Pond and Madison
  Grandview and Grove
  5560 Myrtle @ Seneca
  Myrtle and Summerfield
Sleepys 5714 Myrtle @ Seneca
Sterling Optical Myrtle @ Cornelia
- Subway Sandwiches - 5654 Myrtle @ Seneca
  Fresh Pond @ 67th Avenue
  Myrtle and 69th St, Glendale
  Metropolitan and Forest
- Taco Bell - 5729 Myrtle @ Onderdonk
- Wendy's - Fresh Pond and Eliot
Last Updated:  Jan. 11, 2015