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Officers Elected by Annual Council
   List of officers elected by the Annual Council

The following is a list of appointments for church offices at the denomination's world headquarters, which were voted at this month's Annual Council

Associate Secretary Gary D. Krause

General Field Secretaries
President, Adventist World Radio, Dowell W. Chow
Director, Ellen G. White Estate, James Nix
Director, Geoscience Research Institute, L. James Gibson
Assistant to the president, Orville Parchment

Additions to the General Conference Executive Committee

15 to 20 elected members from laity, including young adults:
Gabriel Acevedo
Fawaz Al-Masih
William Armendaris
Marlene Bulich
Chester V. Clark III
Ricardo Flores
George Somer
Doris Gothard
Abraham Guerrero
Marcella Morales
Joanna Murdick
Alex C. Otti
Dawn Sackmann
Julia Shayunussova
Frank Sikazwe
Robert H. Vollmer
Stevanaus S. Widjaja

Denominational retirees and current employees:
Matthew A. Bediako, retired General Conference secretary
Gina S. Brown, dean of School of Health Professions, Science & Wellness,
Washington Adventist University
Robert Carmen, president of Adventist Health
Cheryl D. Doss, director of the Institute of World Mission
Ruthita J. Fike, administrator of Loma Linda University Medical Center
Mark A. Finley, retired General Conference vice president
Mark Haynal, president of Canadian University College
Eugene Hsu, retired General Conference vice president
Gerry D. Karst, retired General Conference vice president
Kevin J. Lang, vice president of finance for Loma Linda University
John K. McVay, president of Walla Walla University
Ruth E. Parish, director of Human Resources Services
Lawrence E. Schalk, vice president for finance at Andrews University
Don C. Schneider, retired president of church's North American Division

Office of Archives and Statistics  - - Director, David Trim

Ministerial Association
Associate Secretary, Jonas E. Arrias
Associate Secretary, Robert Costa
Associate Secretary, Anthony R. Kent
Associate Secretary, Derek Morris
Associate Secretary, Willie E. Hucks II

Youth Ministries  - -  Associate Director, Hiskia I. Missah

Journal of Adventist Education  - -  Editor, Beverly J. Rumble

Ministry Magazine
Editor, Derek Morris
Associate Editor, Willie E. Hucks II

Elder's Digest   - -  Editor, Jonas E. Arrais

Sabbath School Bible Study Guides
Adult, Editor, Clifford Goldstein
Adult, Associate Editor, Soraya Homayouni
Collegiate Quarterly, Editor, Lyndelle Chiomenti
Cornerstone Connections, Editor, Bonita J. Shields
Powerpoints (Junior/Teens), Editor, Bonita J. Shields
Beginners, Editor, Falvo Fowler
Kindergarten, Editor, Falvo Fowler
Primary, Editor, Falvo Fowler

Adventist Review  /  Adventist World
Editor/Executive Publisher, William M. Knott
Associate Publisher, Claude Richli
Associate Editor, Lael O. Caesar
Associate Editor, Gerald A. Klingbeil

Biblical Research Institute
Director, Angel M. Rodriguez
Director Elect, Artur A. Stele
Associate Director, Kwabena Donkor
Associate Director, Ekkehardt Mueller
Associate Director, Gerhard Pfandl
Associate Director, Clinton Wahlen

Geosciences Research Institute
Director, L. James Gibson
Research Scientist, Benjamin L. Clausen
Research Scientist, Raul Esperante
Research Scientist, Ronald Nalin
Research Scientist, Timothy G. Standish

Liberty Magazine
Recommended to North American Division to reappoint current editor Lincoln Steed

Honorary Associate Directors of Health Ministries (no expense to the General Conference)
Daniel W. Giang, Medical Education
Gary Hopkins, Research
Craig R. Jackson, Allied Health
Patricia S. Jones, Nursing
Doyle R. Nick, Dentistry
Tricia Y. Penniecook, Public Health
Stoy E. Proctor, International Health

Honorary Assistant Directors of Health Ministries (no expense to the General Conference)
Gilbert Burnham, Public Health
Carlos Fayard, Mental Health
Lowell Meister, Vision Services
Quintes P. Nicola, Dentistry

Of note:
- Paul D. Tompkins declined his election as Associate Director of Youth Ministries
- Thomas A. Kapusta declined his election as Director of the Planned Giving and Trust Service
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