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More from RFH - October 2014
More poetry from RFH
Poetry from RFH . . . . .

October 2014

            by RFH
We've lived thru peace,
  we've suffered war;
We've wondered,
  'What if?'
  and asked,
    'What for?'
Some have lived
  with wealth;
  many others were
    never rich;
But when it came
  to troubles,
  there was
    no telling which.
No matter how much
  they would gain,
  or how great
    would be their loss;
The ground was
  always even
  at the foot
    of Calvary's cross.
Psalm 22:16 "... they
pierced my hands
and my feet."
Matt. 11:29 "Come
to Me ... and I will
give you rest."
   (c) RFH 10/14/14
[Nonprofit use permitted]
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