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Decide for the Truth ( 10 )
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
decide  for  the  truth
By some there is shunning of the living testimony. Cutting truths must not be shunned. It needs something besides theory to reach hearts now. It needs the stirring testimony to alarm and arouse; that will stir the enemy's subjects, and then honest souls will be led to decide for the truth. There has been and still is with some a disposition to have everything move on very smoothly. They see no necessity of straight testimony.  {2SG 283.2}
Souls are being added to the church in Chaux-de-Fonds, showing that, notwithstanding the unfavorable situation, yet souls have courage to decide for the truth, to keep the Sabbath because it is truth. And if all do what they can, hoping and believing that God will pity them and help them in their great need, they will surely see His promises verified in this matter. If all will be united, counsel together, pray together, and live out their faith, the Lord will work for their good and His own name's glory. . . .  {5MR 319.1}
The Medical Missionary work is the helping right hand of the Gospel; therefore when the gospel is preached there must be a most thorough effort made to establish sanitariums. As people accept the truth they will feel called out to labor for souls, making plain and distinct God's plan of salvation. Then as souls decide for the truth and become willing to come out from the churches, meeting houses must be built. Where are the men who have means to help? See the requirement in Luke 12. Sell that ye have and give of God's own property, that of which He has made you stewards.  {GH, Dec. 1, 1901 par. 8}
A church must be built in Maitland as soon as the money for it can be raised. When all those who are now convinced decide for the truth, an effort will be made to raise some money for the church. The ministers in Maitland are still very bitter, and keep up the most determined opposition. But if our workers will only walk humbly before God, he will make them vessels unto honor. All who have embraced the truth in Maitland have had to take their stand in the face of decided enmity. Canright's falsehoods have been circulated, and have been met by his own statements.  {KC 129.7}
I saw the cruel power of Satan that has afflicted us of late and bound us to keep the truth from coming out in the paper. . . . I saw these efforts of Satan were to hinder the paper coming out, for the lines that were being published were written in the Spirit of God, and would rejoice the hearts of the trusting ones, and Satan knew it would hurt his cause because it would be seen by these testimonies that most of the Advent people once believed as we do that there was a shut door in '44. And to have the plain, clean truth come out in the paper . . . would cause many to decide for the truth and to take a firm and unyielding stand for God and His truth. I saw that the paper would strengthen the things that remain and would help build up God's people in the most holy faith. . . .  {6MR 250.1}
Sunday, April 7, is in the past. The chapel was filled, and the halls and rooms adjoining were also well occupied. The meetings began at half-past five in the morning, and continued through the day with scarcely any intermission. Some time was devoted of course to obtaining refreshments. Elder Jones and myself occupied the preaching hours, and the Lord imparted to the speakers His grace in rich measure. The congregation were deeply interested, and many who were undecided have balanced in the right direction, and we believe that many more will decide for the truth as a result of this meeting. The sweet peace and quietness of God seem to be in all. There have been no outbursts of fanaticism, but rather the peace and joy that is born of heaven has been manifested. With tearful eyes and trembling lips, testimonies have been borne, full of faith and hope, courage and joy.  {7MR 248.1}  {1888 288.2}
decide  for  the  truth  by  the  third  angel's  message
On our return to Brother Nichol's, the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables, and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the third angel's message with the two former being made plain upon tables. I also saw it was as necessary for the paper to be published as for the messengers to go, for the messengers need a paper to carry with them containing present truth to put in the hands of those who hear and then the truth would not fade from the mind, and that the paper would go where the messengers could not go. Other things I saw, which will appear in the paper. . . .  {5MR 203.1}
Our next conference was in Fairhaven. Brother Bates and wife were present. It was quite a good meeting. On our return to Brother Nichols', the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables, and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the three angels' messages, with the two former being made plain upon tables.  {16MR 207.1}
On our return to Brother Nichols' the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the third angel's message, with the two former being made plain upon tables. -- Letter 28, 1850.  {1BIO 185.3}
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