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             by RFH
Plan A
   just went its way;
Plan B
   wasn't meant to be;
Now, Plan C --
   might that be the key?
No, the plan's ne'er the key
   -- the key is prayer;
   it opens a storehouse
    of treasures so rare.

 Our God in Heaven
   supplies all Earth needs;
   releases those blessings
   on which the world feeds.

 So let us remember
   if we can,
   to always pray
   before we plan.
"O Thou that hearest prayer,
  unto Thee shall all flesh come."
                 Psalm 65: 2
"Prayer is the key in the
  hand of faith that opens
   Heaven's storehouse."
              -- E. G. White

          (c) RFH  2/18/2011

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            by RFH

    Most of us

       prefer the quick fix
      -- later the pain
        we'll endure;

    Few want

       the slower fix - -
         which naturally

            leads to the cure.

 "For his God doth instruct him

   to discretion, and doth teach him."
     Isaiah 28:26

   (c) RFH 10/23/2010

                 by RFH
As we travel the low road
  here's whom we see: 
  Drunks; derelicts;
    the desperately poor.
They're not all God's children
  -- tho' He'd like them to be;
  We'll somehow let them know.
    -- What else are we for?
"... in lowliness of mind let
each esteem the other
as being 
better than
~ Phil. 2:3
      [Nonprofit use permitted]

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               by RFH
    Just to pray,
       not to know,
           is the way
              I shall go.

  (c) RFH .  2/17/2013 . . 

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         by RFH
Awed by the rich,
    puzzled by the poor;
Wondering for each
    what God has in store.
No matter the outcome
    we all must confess:
Anyone's worth far more
    than what he'd possess.

         (c) RFH 5/19/2012


                 by RFH
  Of all I know
    of people
    I've observed,
      this is what's
      of greatest interest:

  That, when times
    are hard and
    at their worst,
      only the godly
      can be at their best.

 "God is our refuge and
  strength, a very present
  help in trouble." Psalm 46:1
          (c) RFH 10/26/2010

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                by RFH
  Yes, we're all missing
    acquaintances, relations,
     and friends;
  All this being
    the most important
      of all loose ends.
  Just by our knowing
    we haven't forgotten
     -- that indeed we care;
  The faithful are headed
    for a meeting place
      in the then and there.
  One big reunion
    of acquaintances, family,
      and friends;
  When God ends it all
    and it becomes
      the end of all loose ends.
  "... and so shall we ever be
    with the Lord ..."
      -- 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
          (c) RFH 12/16/2010

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