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Phrase - Attention ( Turn your attention to) [ 18 ]
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
turn  your  attention  to
Related Phrase:   the whole attention
This may be the last Thanksgiving you may ever have in which to make a thank offering to God. Instead of gorging yourselves with the good things of this life, let us come to God and give Him, upon that day, a gift in gratitude for His loving-kindness, and so have a genuine thanksgiving day for God. Let there be no murmurings, no unpleasant feelings, no unholy thoughts, but turn your attention to God.  {21MR 223.1}
God calls upon you to put away your faculty for seeing the mistakes of others. Turn your attention to your own defects. Your self-righteousness is nauseating to the Lord Jesus. He declares, "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked; I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see."  {RH, March 27, 1900 par. 11}
All around us are the victims of depraved appetite, and what are you going to do for them? Can you not, by your example, help them to place their feet in the path of temperance? Can you have a sense of the temptations that are coming upon the youth who are growing up around us, and not seek to warn and save them? Who will stand on the Lord's side? Who will help to press back this tide of immorality, of woe and wretchedness, that is filling the world? We entreat of you to turn your attention to the work of overcoming. Those who shall at last have a right to the tree of life, will be those who have kept God's commandments.  {CTBH 40.1}
Seek for this meek and quiet spirit. Get rid of this spirit which controls [you] to a great extent. Overcome this desire for change, and seek meekness, seek righteousness. I believe that God will yet be gracious unto you, if you turn to Him with your whole heart, and make it your first and primary business to learn of Christ. Learn how to serve Him. Study the Bible, beseeching God to enlighten your mind to understand its sacred teachings, which you have so long neglected and despised. Turn your attention to the words of life. "Search the scriptures."  {DG 121.2}
I saw that God wants you to turn your attention to yourselves. Try your motives. You are deceived in regard to yourselves. You have an appearance of humility, and this has influence with others, and leads them to think that you are far advanced in the Christian life; but when your peculiar notions are touched, self rises at once, and you manifest a willful, stubborn spirit. This is a sure evidence that you do not possess true humility.  {1T 204.2}
Dear children, if you have praying parents, prize their prayers, heed their instructions, and remember that you will have to give an account for the privileges you now enjoy. All heaven is interested in your salvation. God has given his only beloved Son to die for your transgressions, angels are watching over you, and are trying to turn your attention to God, to seek your soul's salvation. Christians are interested for you, and labor and pray for you. Your parents, who have watched over you all your life, if they are Christians, are deeply interested for you. They bear your case to the throne, and earnestly plead for God to spare you, to not cut you off in sin, and you be lost forever. Their aching hearts will find no rest until they see you followers of the meek and lowly Saviour. And will you steel your hearts to all their prayers offered for you? Will you not be interested in your own soul's salvation? Will you think it brave (as I once thought) to appear unconcerned and thoughtless, as though you disregarded a mothers tears and prayers? O, will you "wade through so many prayers to destruction and misery?" When all are willing to help you, will you not help yourselves?  {YI, December 1, 1852 par. 7}
Cease your jealousies and your faultfinding. Turn your attention to your own case and by humble repentance, relying alone upon the blood of Christ, save your own soul. Make thorough work for eternity. If you turn from the truth you are a ruined man, your family is ruined. After the fortifications preserving sacred the privacy and privileges of the family relation have been once broken down, it is difficult to build them up; but in the strength of God, and in His strength alone, you can do this. Truth, sacred truth, is your anchor, which will save you from drifting in the downward current to crime and destruction.  {2T 90.1}
My dear young friends, do the work that lies nearest at hand. Turn your attention to some humble line of effort within your reach. Put mind and heart into the doing of this work. Force your thoughts to act intelligently on the things that you can do at home. Thus you will be fitting yourself for greater usefulness. Remember that of King Hezekiah it is written: "In every work that he began, . . . he did it with all his heart, and prospered."  {YI, August 20, 1903 par. 8} {MYP 148.3}
turn  your  attention  fully  to
Dear sisters, shall this order of things continue; or will you resolve to put off your ornaments, and turn your attention fully to seeking the Lord? Bring in your trespass-offerings, your thank-offerings, and your freewill-offerings; humble your hearts before the Lord, and he will be found ever ready to receive and pardon.  -  {RH, July 8, 1880 par. 16}
During the trials of the few past years, you have suffered in mind, and have felt it a relief to turn your attention more fully to the things of the world, to the work of acquiring. God, in his great love and mercy to you, has gathered you again to his fold. Now, new duties and responsibilities are laid upon you. You have a strong love for this world. You have been laying up treasures upon the earth. Now, Jesus invites you to transfer your treasure to Heaven; for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. In all your deal with your brethren, and with unbelievers, guard yourself. Be true to your profession, and maintain true nobleness of soul, which shall be a credit to the truth which you profess.  {PH099 42.3}  {2T 244.2}
turn  your  attention  away
If you should turn your attention away from outside annoyances and center them upon your family you would be happier and would become the means of doing good. The very fact that your children have missed the proper counsel and example of a father renders it more obligatory upon you to be a tender and devoted mother. Your duty is more in your home and with your family. Here is real missionary labor to perform. This responsibility cannot be shifted upon another; it is the lifework God has appointed for you.  {4T 137.3}
You will, I know, when convinced of the right way, act resolutely, not as a child, but according to your convictions and not according to your feelings. Give yourself to God without reserve, soul, body, and spirit. Go to work in the cause of God, doing good, and the Lord will bless you. Do not become self-centered. Think of someone's soul; think of the self-denying, self-sacrificing life of Jesus. Turn your attention away from yourself to Jesus and His life and His character.-- Letter 57, 1888.  {TSB 57.1}
turn  your  attention  from
If you feel at liberty to moan and groan over bereavements, things that are past, out of your keeping, things you cannot change or alter, you will neglect the present duties lying directly in your pathway. Look unto Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of your faith. Turn your attention from subjects which make you gloomy and sad, for you become an agent in the hands of the enemy to multiply gloom and darkness and you will make the atmosphere surrounding your soul dark and forbidding. Although severe afflictions may come upon you, it is your business to look up, and to see light in Jesus. . . .  {TDG 233.2}
It is not best for you to use your gifts in teaching, in molding and fashioning the characters of children, because you have not the patience or longsuffering necessary to deal with children or youth, who are to be treated as the younger members of the Lord's family. Your temperament forbids your dealing with children. They are sometimes provoking, and there is cruelty in your manner of administering punishment. You show severity which grieves the Holy Spirit and greatly injures your own soul. But when you are converted, decidedly changed in character, there is a field of labor for you in sanitarium work. In this work you will forget yourself. If you will turn your attention from self to Christ, you can use your capabilities to good purpose. It is not too late for you to repent and be converted. Up then, and be doing! The Master calls for you to work the works of righteousness.  {18MR 268.2}
I know that the Lord has helped you many, many times. I have the fullest confidence that He has made you a blessing to very many. May the Lord clothe you with His salvation. Walk in the light, press to the light, refuse to look at darkness or talk darkness. Talk of things that are calculate to uplift the soul; come close to Jesus, commune with Him. He will be your wisdom. He will preserve you still to do a good work for Him. Satan, you must know, will seek to hinder you in every possible way. He will delight to discourage you and shorten your life. I want your life spared; I do not want the devil to have his way. I want you to be a strong, well-balanced character because the grace of Christ is given you in large measure. I know it is your privilege to have the blessing of God daily, and you cannot fill your position unless you do have it. May you be of good courage in the Lord. Turn your attention from disagreeable things. By beholding you become changed. Talk of pleasant things, talk hope and courage, and you will have hope and courage.-- Letter 46, 1887, pp. 4, 7. (To J. H. Kellogg, April 22, 1887.) 
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