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In the Church (2,271) (Separate page with 23 phrases)
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
.  .  .  in  the  Church    ( 2,271 )
   Leaders in the Church     ( 25 )     >   Officers in the Church
+     Authority in the Church     ( 23 )
+      Dissension in the church    ( 17 )        
                    ►  Discord in the Church  ( 12 )    >    Sow discord in the Church
+      Division in the Church   ( 14 )    under construction   >   Divisions in the church
     found in the church  (  )   >
   Order in the church     ( 34 )       >    RH, Feb. 16, 1911 
+     place in the church  (  25  )     >    a place in the church  (  6 )
   Position in the church   ( 17 )    >  
+     Prevails in the church   ( 5 )    >   Indifference prevails in the church
   Unity in the Church     ( 31 )    >   perfect unity in the church  ( 6 )
    are in the church   ( 18 )    >   There are in the church  (  )
                                                          >    Invalids are in the church  (  )
+      ruler in the church   (  )     >    wise ruler in the church     
Later, when choosing seventy elders to share with him the responsibilities of leadership, Moses was careful to select, as his helpers, men possessing dignity, sound judgment, and experience. In his charge to these elders at the time of their ordination, he outlined some of the qualifications that fit a man to be a wise ruler in the church. "Hear the causes between your brethren," said Moses, "and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him. Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God's." Deuteronomy 1:16, 17.  {AA 94.1}
+     in the church today  (   )  

In His Church
►     In His Church   ( 70 )     >    the manifestation of Himself in His Church   

 . . .  in  the  churches
    Amusement in the churches  ( 3 )
+      Into the Church   (  )    >  All who believe are to be gathered into one Church  ( 5 )
Why are believers formed into a church? Because by this means Christ would increase their usefulness in the world and strengthen their personal influence for good. In the church there is to be maintained a discipline which guards the rights of all and increases the sense of mutual dependence. God never designed that one man's mind and judgment should be a controlling power. He never designed that one man should rule and plan and devise without the careful and prayerful consideration of the whole body, in order that all may move in a sound, thorough, harmonious manner.  {3SM 16.3}
God has placed in the church, as His appointed helpers, men of varied talents, that through the combined wisdom of many the mind of the Spirit may be met. Men who move in accordance with their own strong traits of character, refusing to yoke up with others who have had a long experience in the work of God, will become blinded by self-confidence, unable to discern between the false and the true. It is not safe for such ones to be chosen as leaders in the church; for they would follow their own judgment and plans, regardless of the judgment of their brethren. It is easy for the enemy to work through those who, themselves needing counsel at every step, undertake the guardianship of souls in their own strength, without having learned the lowliness of Christ.  {AA 279.1}
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