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Looked upon with Suspicion ( 9 )
Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .
looked  upon  with  suspicion
They are scattered and confused, and yet deceive themselves so much as to think that God is especially with them. Some of these profess to have the gifts among them; but are led by the influence and teachings of these gifts to hold in doubt those upon whom God has laid the special burden of His work, and to lead off a class from the body. The people who, in accordance with God's Word, are putting forth every effort to be one, who are established in the message of the third angel, are looked upon with suspicion, for the reason that they are extending their labor, and are gathering souls into the truth.  {1NL 55.5}
In the light of divine revelation, through the atoning Sacrifice, we may see the glorious plan of redemption whereby our sins are pardoned, and we drawn near to the heart of infinite love. We see how God can retain all his justice, and yet pardon the transgressor of his law. And we are not simply forgiven, but we are accepted of God through the Beloved. The plan of redemption is not merely a way of escape from the penalty of transgression, but through it the sinner is forgiven his sins, and will be finally received into heaven,-- not as a forgiven culprit pardoned and released from captivity, yet looked upon with suspicion and not admitted to friendship and trust; but welcomed as a child, and taken back into fullest confidence. The sacrifice of our Saviour has made ample provision for every repenting, believing soul. We are saved because God loves the purchase of the blood of Christ; and not only will he pardon the repentant sinner, not only will he permit him to enter heaven, but he, the Father of mercies, will wait at the very gates of heaven to welcome us, to give us an abundant entrance to the mansions of the blest. Oh what love, what wondrous love the Father has shown in the gift of his beloved Son for this fallen race! And this Sacrifice is a channel for the outflow of his infinite love, that all who believe on Jesus Christ may, like the prodigal son, receive full and free restoration to the favor of Heaven.  {RH, September 21, 1886 par. 12}
As in the places formerly entered, the apostles met with determined opposition. "The Jews which believed not" were "moved with envy." These Jews were not then in favor with the Roman power, because, not long before, they had raised an insurrection in Rome. They were looked upon with suspicion, and their liberty was in a measure restricted. They now saw an opportunity to take advantage of circumstances to re-establish themselves in favor and at the same time to throw reproach upon the apostles and the converts to Christianity.  {AA 229.3}
The preaching of John had taken so deep a hold on the nation as to demand the attention of the religious authorities. The danger of insurrection caused every popular gathering to be looked upon with suspicion by the Romans, and whatever pointed toward an uprising of the people excited the fears of the Jewish rulers. John had not recognized the authority of the Sanhedrin by seeking their sanction for his work; and he had reproved rulers and people, Pharisees and Sadducees alike. Yet the people followed him eagerly. The interest in his work seemed to be continually increasing. Though he had not deferred to them, the Sanhedrin accounted that, as a public teacher, he was under their jurisdiction.  {DA 132.2}
My husband labored in that [the Review] office earnestly, unselfishly, to set things in order according to the mind of the   Spirit of God, which was a most striking contrast to the course pursued by Brother Aldrich, yet he [James White] was looked upon with suspicion, jealousy, and doubt.-- Letter 3, 1869.  {2BIO 268.4}
  Ponder well the paths of your feet. Be swift to hear, slow to speak. You may indeed feel that you are on holy ground. The Lord has a controversy with his people. If you look to God and trust to him, you will make no miscarriage of your life; for our precious Saviour is full of grace and truth. You may be looked upon with suspicion and distrust, but I fully believe that in the providence of God your stay at Battle Creek will be a precious school for you. At all times reveal the meekness and lowliness of Christ. "Ye are not your own, for ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Let your fruit be unto righteousness and true holiness.  {1888 1462.2}
with  suspicion
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