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37  Phrases  related  to   Wrong
+      Correct wrong  (  )     >    Correct the wrong  ( 19 )
+      reprove wrong  ( 24 )   ►   reprove and rebuke wrong  ( 10 )
                                                            >   faithfully reprove and rebuke wrong  ( 3 )
                                                    ►   courage to reprove wrong  (  )  
                                                    ►    wrongs must be reproved  ( 5 )   
​                                         ►  
 reprove wrong-doing   (2)
                     >  reproving wrong (  )  >  messages reproving wrong  (  )

​         Condemn wrong  (  )     >    Condemning wrong  (  )
                                                      >   courage to condemn wrong  ( 3 )
    discern wrong   ( 1 )    >   discern right from wrong   ( 6 )
                                                  >   discern between right and wrong  ( 13 )
    in the wrong  (  )   >   sympathize with those in the wrong
    Overlook the wrong  ( 1 )    >   overlook wrong  ( 1 )
+      Sanction wrong  ( 4 )   >   sanction wrong-doing  ( 3 )
+      wrong cause of action  ( 137 )  >  justify a wrong cause of action  
+      wrong example  ( 61 )    >    by their wrong example 
wrong  doing
+    Sanction wrong-doing  ( 3 )
+    wrong-doing  ( 104 )   >   wrongdoing  ( 114 )  
+     Wrongdoing must be met   (  )
+   persist in wrongdoing  ( 5 )   >   persist in wrong-doing  ( 3 )
wrongdoer  -  -  wrongdoers
+    wrongdoer  (  )      >    conscience of the wrongdoer  ( 8 )
  wrongdoers  ( 26 )   >   wrongdoers need counsel and reproof  ( 2 )  key
- - - wrong  ways
+     Wrong act     ( 60 )     >   Every wrong act  (  )   >   one wrong act
   wrong habits  ( 560 )   >   Correct wrong habits
+     wrong methods  ( 14 )  >   wrong methods and plans  (  )
+      wrong practice  (  )  >  wrong practices  (  )
+     wrong principles  ( 114 )    >   working on wrong principles
Our church members see that there are differences of opinion among the leading men, and they themselves enter into controversy regarding the subjects under dispute. Christ calls for unity. But He DOES NOT call for us to unify on wrong practices. The God of heaven draws a sharp contrast between pure, elevating, ennobling truth and false, misleading doctrines.  Selected Messages, Volume 1,  page 175
+      wrongs must be called wrongs  ( 2 )
+      correct wrongs  (  )   >  corrected their wrongs  (  )
+      search out wrongs   (  )  
   wrongs of individuals  ( 8 )    >    individual wrongs  (  )
The spirit that instigates accusation and condemnation in the church which results in uprooting those that are looked upon as evil-doers, has manifested itself in seeking to correct wrongs through the civil power. This is Satan's own method for bringing the world under his dominion; but the Lord Jesus Christ has given us no such example for thus dealing with the erring. God has been misrepresented through the church by this very way of dealing with heretics; he has been represented as the one who empowered the church to do these wicked things.  {RH, January 10, 1893 par. 8}
 +    wrongfully treated  ( 3 )   >   wrongly judged  ( 2 )
 +    wronged your neighbor  ( 2 )
+    wrongly accused  (  )   >  wrongfully accused  ( 8 )

          My personal favorite
Sins exist in the church that God hates, but they are scarcely touched for fear of making enemies. Opposition has risen in the church to the plain testimony. Some will not bear it. They wish smooth things spoken unto them. And if the wrongs of individuals are touched, they complain of severity, and sympathize with those in the wrong. As Ahab inquired of Elijah, "Art thou he that troubleth Israel?" they are ready to look with suspicion and doubt upon those who bear the plain testimony, and like Ahab overlook the wrong which made it necessary for reproof and rebuke. When the church depart from God they despise the plain testimony, and complain of severity and harshness. It is a sad evidence of the lukewarm state of the church {2SG 283.3}
The life-work given to us is that of preparation for the life eternal, and if we accomplish this work as God has designed that we should, every temptation may work for our advance; for as we resist its allurement, we make progress in the divine life. In the heat of the conflict, while engaged in earnest spiritual warfare, unseen agencies are by our side, commissioned of heaven to aid us in our wrestlings, and in the crisis, strength and firmness and energy are imparted to us, and we have more than mortal power. But unless the human agent shall bring his will into harmony with the will of God, unless he shall forsake every idol, and overcome every wrong practice, he will never succeed in the warfare; but will be finally overcome. Those who would be conquerors must engage in conflict with unseen agencies; inward corruption must be overcome, and every thought must be brought into harmony with, and subjection to, Christ. The Holy Spirit is ever at work seeking to purify, refine, and discipline the souls of men in order that they may become fitted for the society of saints and angels, and as overcomers be able to sing the song of redemption, ascribing glory and honor to God and to the Lamb in the courts above. { CE 122.2 }
Someone not so mindful as he should have been of Christ's words, "Take heed how ye hear," allowed his unsanctified ears to hear wrong, his perverted senses to imagine wrong, and his evil tongue to report wrong. Many a man will not come openly to talk with the one he thinks in error, but will go to others, and under the mask of friendship and sympathy for the erring, he will cast reflections. Sometimes he openly agrees with the one whom he covertly seeks to injure. Suppositions are stated as facts, without giving the person charged with wrong a clear, definite statement of his supposed errors, and without giving him a chance to answer the charges. This is all contrary to the teaching of Christ. It is the subtle way in which Satan always works.  {15MR 174.2}
The prophet's rebuke touched the heart of David; conscience was aroused; his guilt appeared in all its enormity. His soul was bowed in penitence before God. With trembling lips he said, "I have sinned against the Lord." All wrong done to others reaches back from the injured one to God. David had committed a grievous sin, toward both Uriah and Bathsheba, and he keenly felt this. But infinitely greater was his sin against God.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 722.1   Read entire Chapter 71
The searching testimony of the Spirit of God "will separate those from Israel who have ever been at war with the means that God has ordained to keep corruptions out of the church. Wrongs must be called wrongs. Grievous sins must be called by their right name. All of God's people should come nearer to Him. . . . Then will they see sin in the true light and will realize how offensive it is in the sight of God." [VOL. 3, P. 324 (1873).]  "The plain, straight testimony must live in the church, or the curse of God will rest upon His people as surely as it did upon ancient Israel because of their sins." [VOL. 3, P. 269 (1873).]  {5T 676.2}
But others will be greatly helped by the messages. Though not personally addressed, they will be corrected, and will be led to shun the evils specified The Spirit of the Lord will be in the instruction, and doubts existing in many minds will be swept away. The testimonies themselves will be the key that will explain the messages given, as scripture is explained by scripture. Many will read with eagerness the messages reproving wrong, that they may learn what they may do to be saved.... Light will dawn upon the understanding, and the Spirit will make an impression on minds, as Bible truth is clearly and simply presented in the messages that since 1846 God has been sending His people. These messages are to find their place in hearts, and transformations will take place.—Letter 73, 1903. { 1SM 42.2 } 
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