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-  June 2016
More Than Blest
- June 2016 
The Celibate Life
Forgive and Live - June 2016 Teacher and Tutor
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Finding Peace
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The Gossipers  -  Sept. 18, 2017 Have  Pity  -  Oct. 2017
When in contention  -  Sept. 2018  (below ) Truths  vs  Lies  -  Oct. 2017
             by RFH
  Sin is deadly;
    some learn rightfully
    to fear it;
    Others never seem
to listen
    to the Spirit.
  The soul is but
    the classroom;
  The conscience,
    the student;
  God, the Teacher.
  And who might be
    the needed tutor?
    Foremost, the
Spirit-filled preacher.
 Exodus  20:20  "And
 Moses said unto the
 people, Fear not: for
 God is come to prove
 you, and that His fear
 may  be  before  your
 faces, that ye sin not."
Hebrews 10:26  "For  if
we sin willfully after that
we  have  received  the
knowledge of  the truth,
there    remaineth    no
more sacrifice for sins."
1 Peter 3:13  "And  who
is  it  who  will harm you
if ye be followers of that
which is good?"
"Satan is well aware that
the   weakest   Christian
who  abides  in  Christ  is
more than a match for all
the armies of darkness."
~ E. G. White, Page 25 in
The Great Hope (booklet)

(C) RFH  6/24/2016
 [Nonprofit use permitted]

-  -  -  -  -  -  -
       by RFH
I need it
  every minute;
The pow'r of God
  is in it
Ev'ry second
  of my day --
But the flesh
  gets in my way.
I am weak
  but Thou art strong;
My conscience knows
  right from wrong;
Our bond's complete;
  I know the Way;
Your love for me
  shall save the day.
Romans   13:1-2   "Let
every  soul  be  subject
unto the higher powers
...  they  that  resist  ...
receive  to  themselves
damnation."  (See also:
Jeremiah  17:5;  Psalm
73:26;  1  Peter  3:16;
John 14:6; 1 John 4:19;
and John 14:15.)

          by RFH
As we gracefully mature
  more and more,
  'tis better
    that the LORD
Lead us
  with half-steps
  thru clover
Than that our enemy
  lead us
  with full-steps
    thru sandspurs.

Half-steps or full-steps,
  clover or sandspurs
  -- come what may --
    the LORD is forever
    our Guide. Selah.
Psalm 25: "... Guide me
in Your truth and teach
me ..."
        (c) RFH 9/3/2014
[Nonprofit use permitted]    
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   -

         by RFH
Those who desire
  to take
  the world
    by its tail
In eternal matters
  shall never
Our souls
  have been bought
  -- no longer
    up for sale;
Let us all
  take instead
  the cross
    lest we fail.
"... If any man will
come after Me, let
him deny himself,
and  take  up  his
cross,  and  follow
Me ..."
Matthew 16:24-27
(c) RFH 11/3/2014
[Nonprofit use permitted]
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

       by RFH
     The 'gospel
       of prosperity'
       is not that much
         a rarity;
Is there naught far better
  than material wealth?
  Yea, 'tis the true gospel
    of spiritual health!
   "... for I am the LORD
   that healeth thee."
                Exodus 15:26
(c) RFH  11/03/2014

[Nonprofit use permitted]
  Just a few of many verses of
 Scripture may help to better
 understand the following poem.
 Please, before reading the
poem, first read the following
verses in the order presented
Matthew 13: 45, 46; Matt. 7:6; 
Prov. 9:7-12; Rev. 21:21;
and John 14:16. Thank you.
            by RFH
 The only riches
   he collected
    his whole life thru
 Were the pearls
   he found priceless;
    way more than
      just a few.
 The pearl collector
   strove to enrich
    many others
     with his find;
 By sharing the Source
   from which these came
    with any who seemed
     not to mind.
 Many fine pearls
   were cherished
    and not shared
     in vain;
 Some were trampled
   underfoot and not
    sought for again.
 Gather up these pearls
   of wisdom --
    while ye still may;
 Heaven's gates
   are built of these
    by One known as
     The Way.
      (c) RFH 10/07/2014
"You must not trust those who
[act as] mere dogs and swine
as if they were able to
appreciate either the holiness
or the beauty and wealth
of spiritual truth."
            ~ Bible Hub

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

   Be  not  offended;  this
poem's  title  is  in con-
text  with  the  last line:
      by TAH & RFH
 Lord, as we consider
   that which comes
   from keeping
     bad company,
     help us remember
       this gem:
  'Tis better that we
    take others
    to heaven
      with us, than
      to end up going
        to hell with them.
1  Cor.  5:11,12  warns
us  not  to  keep  com-
pany with anyone who
is overtly sinful.
(c) TAH, RFH 8/3/2017
[Nonprofit use permitted]

          by RFH
Do not feel bad,
  do not get sad,
  do not let anything
    drive you mad;
Evil shall cease,
  you'll find release.
  Rest in the arms of
    The Prince of Peace.
1 Peter 3:11 "Let him
eschew evil,  and  do
good;  let  him  seek
peace and ensue it."
Isaiah  9:6  "For  unto
us a Child is born ... a
Son is given ... called
Wonderful ... Counsel-
lor,  The  Mighty  God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace."

Ephesians 4:26 "Be ye
angry, and sin not ..."
Some   other   "peace"
verses   in   Scripture:
1  Peter  3:11;  Psalm
29:11; Proverbs 12:20;
2 Thessalonians 3:16;
and Psalm 37:37 (and
MANY others as well).
  (c) RFH    8/22/2016
[Nonprofit use permitted]
(anonymous author)
  Two natures beat
    within my breast;
The one is foul,
  the one is blessed;
    The one I love,
      the one I hate;
    The one I feed
      will dominate.
       -- Anonymous
[Some  verses  of Scripture
that  fit  this  poem  are:
Gen. 3:22-23; Ps. 10:4-11;  
Romans 6:6 and 7:21-25;
Gal. 5:17; and James 4:2.]
-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -

Sometimes just a
      couplet says it all:
              by RFH
   When in contention,
     with salvation
     we are flirting;
   Most souls are not
     as obnoxious as
     they are hurting.
  Romans 12:18 says:
  "If it be possible, as
  much as lieth in you,
  live peaceably with
  all men."
      (c) RFH 9/24/2018
[Nonprofit use permitted]
This short poem is dedicated
to all ministers of God's Word,
for their godly sermons, and
for their heartfelt altar calls.
To them be much credit, and
to God be all the glory.
          by RFH
  Lord, Jesus,
    I come to Thee;
    maybe not
      on bended knee;
But my head is bowed,
  my heart contrite;
  my life's a mess --
    please make it right.
- - - - -
"Come unto me, all ye
... heavy laden, and I
will give you rest."
                 Matt. 11:28
     (c) RFH  10/03/2015
     [Nonprofit use permitted]
Poetry by Samuel Mack
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