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Occupy positions of responsibility ( )
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occupy  positions  of  responsibility
Related phrase:  occupy positions of authority  (  )
Great care should be exercised in choosing men to occupy positions of responsibility as guardians of the churches. My brethren, do not make this choice blindly, lest the flock of God be given an example that will teach them to tear and devour. The men who bear responsibilities in the cause of Christ should be men of prayer and humility. They are to act like men who in all their dealings with their brethren are guided by the Spirit of God. They are to give an example of righteousness. They are sacredly to guard the reputation of those who are doing the work of God.  {RH, November 14, 1907 par. 8}  {ChL 52.2}
God has given "to every man his work." Why is it that ministers and Conference officers do not recognize this fact? Why do they not manifest their appreciation of the help that individual members of the church could give? Let church-members awake. Let them take hold and help to stay up the hands of the ministers and the workers, pushing forward the interests of the cause. There must be no measuring of talent by comparison. If a man exercises faith, and walks humbly with his God, he may have little education, he may be accounted a weak man, yet he can fill his appointed place as well as the man who has the finest education. He who yields himself most unreservedly to the influence of the Holy Spirit is best qualified to do acceptable service for the Master. God will inspire men who do not occupy responsible positions to work for Him. If ministers and men in positions of authority will get out of the way, and let the Holy Spirit move upon the minds of the lay brethren, God will direct them what to do for the honor of His name. Let men have freedom to carry out that which the Holy Spirit indicates. Do not put the shackles upon humble men whom God would use. If those who now occupy positions of responsibility had been kept at one class of work year after year, their talents would not have developed, and they would not have been qualified for the positions they hold; and yet they make no special effort to test and develop the talents of those newly come into the faith.-- RH July 9, 1895. {PaM 152.3}
It is the privilege of the faithful teacher to reap day by day the visible results of his patient, persevering labor of love. It is his to watch the growth of the tender plants as they bud, and blossom, and bear the fruit of order, punctuality, faithfulness, thoroughness, and true nobility of character. It is his to see a love for truth and right growing and strengthening in these children and youth for whom he is held responsible. What can give him greater returns than to see his pupils developing characters that will make them noble and useful men and women, fitted to occupy positions of responsibility and trust--men and women who in the future will wield a power to hold in check evil influences and help in dispelling the moral darkness of the world?  {CT 104.1}
Man is not what he might be and what it is God's will that he should be. The strong power of Satan upon the human race keeps them upon a low level; but this need not be so, else Enoch could not have become so elevated and ennobled as to walk with God. Man need not cease to grow intellectually and spiritually during his lifetime. But the minds of many are so occupied with themselves and their own selfish interests as to leave no room for higher and nobler thoughts. And the standard of intellectual as well as spiritual attainments is far too low. With many, the more responsible the position they occupy, the better pleased are they with themselves; and they cherish the idea that the position gives character to the man. Few realize that they have a constant work before them to develop forbearance, sympathy, charity, conscientiousness, and fidelity--traits of character indispensable to those who occupy positions of responsibility. All connected with the sanitarium should have a sacred regard for the rights of others, which is but obeying the principles of the law of God.  {4T 547.3}
A great responsibility rests upon all who have received the light of truth, and especially upon those to whom the people look for instruction and guidance. Those who occupy positions of responsibility in our institutions are exerting an influence scarcely less potent and wide-spread than that of our ministers. They should be men and women of moral worth and of deep and living experience in the things of God. By their influence and example they are either proclaiming to the world the truths we hold or declaring these truths to be of none effect.  {RH, March 28, 1882 par. 4}
Those who bear responsibilities must be wide-awake. It is not the man who drifts with circumstances, and who in an emergency indorses questionable moves, who wins the respect of his fellow men and the approval of heaven. It is the man who, like a rock meeting the tide, stands firm against evil who commands respect. In a crisis, when many are not fully decided as to the right course, the one who moves steadfastly in the path that God has marked out, with unshaken determination carrying out God's plans, is the one who wins confidence as a man fit to command. Those who occupy positions of responsibility should know what saith the Lord, and they should then stand unflinchingly for the right, stemming the tide of evil. - {RH, September 14, 1905 par. 13}
In this our day, when many, even among those who claim to be numbered among God's people, are not fully decided as to the right course, the Lord is calling for men who will move steadfastly in the path that he has marked out, and with unshaken determination carry out his purposes. Those who occupy positions of responsibility should know what saith the Lord. Like Moses of old, they should stand unflinchingly for the right, stemming the current of evil. In the critical times in which we are living, men of determination are needed,--men who will stand stiffly for the truth at all times and under all circumstances,.--men who, when they see that others are becoming untrue to principle, will lift their voice in warning against the danger of apostasy.  -  {RH, February 11, 1909 par. 20}
There are judges now in office who neither fear God nor regard man. Intemperate practices, liquor drinking, and tobacco using are perverting the judgment of many who occupy positions of responsibility. These unfaithful stewards will be stripped of their robes of honor. They will one day stand before the bar of God, to be tried, and the Judge of all the earth will judge righteously. . . . The teaching of this parable is applicable to the church of God at this time. When troubles assail, do not go for help to lawyers not of our faith. God would not have us open church difficulties before those who do not fear Him. Let God's people agree as touching the thing they desire, and then let them unite in offering prayer to God, persevering in asking for deliverance. God would not have us depend for help upon those who do not obey His requirements. They have not that wisdom that cometh down from above. Those who trust in such counselors show that they have not faith in God. They dishonor Him by appealing to unbelievers to settle difficulties in the church. What do they think they will gain by opening to lawyers the supposed wrongdoings of their fellow church members? . . .  {5MR 416.4}
those  who  occupy  responsible  positions
The history of Achan teaches the solemn lesson that for one man's sin the displeasure of God will rest upon a people or a nation till the transgression is searched out and punished. Sin is corrupting in its nature. One man infected with its deadly leprosy may communicate the taint to thousands. Those who occupy responsible positions as guardians of the people are false to their trust if they do not faithfully search out and reprove sin. Many dare not condemn iniquity, lest they shall thereby sacrifice position or popularity. And by some it is considered uncharitable to rebuke sin. The servant of God should never allow his own spirit to be mingled with the reproof which he is required to give; but he is under the most solemn obligation to present the Word of God, without fear or favor. He must call sin by its right name. Those who by their carelessness or indifference permit God's name to be dishonored by His professed people, are numbered with the transgressor,-- registered in the record of heaven as partakers in their evil deeds....  {2BC 996.6}
those who occupy positions of influence and responsibility
How to Kindle a Thousand Torches.-- Those who occupy positions of influence and responsibility in the church should be foremost in the work of God. If they move reluctantly, others will not move at all. But their zeal "hath provoked very many." When their light burns brightly, a thousand torches will be kindled at the flame.-- SW, April 5, 1904.  {PM 264.2}
those  who  occupy  important  positions
Those who occupy important positions, who are brought in contact with souls for whom Christ has died, should place upon men the estimate God has placed upon them, and regard them as precious. But many have treated the purchase of Christ’s blood in a harsh manner, in harmony with the disposition of men instead of according to the mind and spirit of Christ. Of his disciples Christ says, “All ye are brethren.” We should ever keep in mind the relation which we bear one to another, and remember that we must meet those with whom we associate here, around the judgment-seat of Christ. God will be the Judge, and he will deal justly with every individual. John says, “I saw the dead small and great stand before God, and the books were opened: and another book was opened which is the book of life, and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works.” Let every one who professes the name of Christ consider the fact that he must meet every act of injustice, give an account for every harsh word, at the judgment-seat of Christ. It will not be pleasant to review the words that have been spoken that have wounded and bruised souls, to review the decisions that have worked against souls for whom Christ died. Every action will come into judgment, and the spirit that prompted it will be made manifest. The fruit of every selfish, arbitrary exaction will be made plain, and men will see the results of their doings even as God sees them. They will see that they have turned precious souls out of the right path by dealing with them in an unchristlike manner. We are living in the great day of atonement, and it is now time that every one should repent before God, confess his sins, and by living faith, rest upon the merit of a crucified and living Saviour. { SpTA03 56.2 } 
occupy  positions  of  authority  in  the  church
The Thessalonian believers were greatly annoyed by men coming among them with fanatical ideas and doctrines. Some were "disorderly, working not at all, but . . . busy-bodies." The church had been properly organized, and officers had been appointed to act as ministers and deacons. But there were some, self-willed and impetuous, who refused to be subordinate to those who held positions of authority in the church. They claimed not only the right of private judgment, but that of publicly urging their views upon the church. In view of this, Paul called the attention of the Thessalonians to the respect and deference due to those who had been chosen to occupy positions of authority in the church.  {AA 261.3}
related phrase:  occupy positions of trust
Let those who occupy positions of trust rid themselves of the unmerciful spirit which so greatly offends God. Justice and judgment are the habitation of His throne. Let no one suppose that God has given to men the power of ruling their fellow-men. He will accept the service of no man who hurts and discourages Christ's heritage. Now is the time for every man to examine himself, to prove himself, that he may see whether he is in the faith. Investigate closely the motives which prompt you to action. We are engaged in the work of the Most High. Let us not weave into the web of our work one thread of selfishness. Let us rise to a higher plane in our daily experience. God will not serve with the sins of any man (MS 42, 1901).  {3BC 1149.9}
Occupying   positions  of  responsibility
Related phrase:   men entrusted with responsibilities  ( below )
There are some occupying positions of responsibility who have had little experience in the working of the Holy Spirit. They do not appreciate the light in warnings, reproofs, and encouragement given to the church in these last days, because their hearts and minds have not been receiving the Spirit of divine grace. These persons are disposed to conceal the fact that in connection with the work of the third angel's message the Lord through the Spirit of prophecy has been communicating to His people a knowledge of His will. They think that the truth will be received more readily if this fact is not made prominent. But this is mere human reasoning. The very fact that this light coming to the people is not presented as having originated with human minds will make an impression upon a large class who believe that the gifts of the Spirit are to be manifested in the church in the last days. The attention of many will thus be arrested, and they will be convicted and converted. Many will thus be impressed who would not otherwise be reached.  { 1888 808.4 }
men  entrusted  with  responsibilities
Among those who had returned to Jerusalem in former years, there were many who had remained true to God as long as they lived; but a considerable number of the children and the children’s children lost sight of the sacredness of God’s law. Even some of the men entrusted with responsibilities were living in open sin. Their course was largely neutralizing the efforts made by others to advance the cause of God; for so long as flagrant violations of the law were allowed to go unrebuked, the blessing of Heaven could not rest upon the people.  Prophets and Kings, page 618.2   Read entire chapter 51
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