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TEXICO Conference - List of Churches in Texas
Welcomes visitors to GC Session in San Antonio
Texico  Conference
Texico Conference has a total of 79 Congregations (in Texas and New Mexico)
Here is a list of their 28 churches in Western Texas
Abilene SDA Church, (Abilene, TX)    Website: http://abilene22.adventistchurchconnect.org/ 
     Church:  (325) 672-0617   Pastor: James Milam [816-985-1063]  Email: pastormilam10@gmail.com
                            Asst. Lay Pastor: Ben Balanay [325-829-1843]  Email: pastorbenabi@gmail.com
Amarillo SDA Church, (Amarillo, TX)    Website:  www.amarilloseventhdayadventist22.adventistchurchconnect.org
     Church:  (806) 331-4636    Pastor William Kasper   sdachurchamarillo@sbcglobal.net
Amarillo Spanish SDA Church, (Amarillo, TX)   Pastor: Francisco Grijalva   Email: javiergrijalva57@gmail.com
     Website: http://amarillospanish22.adventistchurchconnect.org/ 
• Big Spring SDA Church, (Big Spring, TX)         Website:
• Clint Spanish SDA Church, (Clint, TX)
• Dalhart SDA Church, (Dalhart, TX)
• El Paso Central English SDA Church, (El Paso, TX)
• El Paso Five Points Bilingual SDA Church, (El Paso, TX)
 • El Paso Meraz Spanish SDA Church, (El Paso, TX)
• El Paso Montana Spanish SDA Church, (El Paso, TX)
• El Paso Montana Vista Spanish, (El Paso, TX)
• El Paso Northeast SDA Church, (El Paso, TX)
• Hereford SDA Church, (Hereford, TX)
• Hereford Spanish Company, (Hereford, TX)
• Lubbock SDA Church, (Lubbock, TX)
• Lubbock Spanish Company, (Lubbock, TX)
• Midland SDA Church, (Midland, TX)
• Midland Spanish SDA Church, (Midland, TX)
• Odessa English SDA Church, (Odessa, TX)
• Odessa Spanish SDA Church, (Odessa, TX)
• Olton Spanish Group, (Olton, TX)
• Pampa SDA Church, (Pampa, TX)
• Plainview SDA Church, (Plainview, TX)
• San Angelo SDA Church, (San Angelo, TX)
• San Angelo Spanish SDA Church, (San Angelo, TX)
• Saragosa SDA Church, (Saragosa, TX)
• Tulia SDA Church, (Tulia, TX)
• Van Horn Spanish SDA Church, (Van Horn, TX)
I have created a subgroup called Attending GC Session in San Antonio for those who will attend or just want to follow the GC Session in July 2015.  Click on LINK to join  /\ -  this LOGO \/  means it is the right group.
plan to create three more subgroups: one for the Texas Conference (HQ in Alvarado, Texas) and another for the Southwest Region Conference (HQ in Dallas) and a third for the Texico Conference (which has 28 churches in Texas).ink of.
To join the group for Seventh-day Adventists in Texas, called  E-ventists in Texas  -  Click here
https://www.linkedin.com/groups?groupDashboard=&gid=8102477  I would especially like to see those that were involved with the subgroup for Attending GC Session
List last updated:  May 31, 2014
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