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Annual Council (October 8 - 13, 2010)
   Executive Committee holds Annual Council -  ( Oct. 8 - 13, 2010 )


News articles related to the Annual Council
 Church associate directors to be selected  - October 5th
 Ted Wilson speech "Remember your name" - October 9th   Text of Sermon
 Focus on Revival and Reformation - October 10th    See document of ideas
 Secretary Report: Now 16.6 million members - October 11th
 Adventists urged to pray for the 'Latter Rain'  - October 11th
  Artur Stele is new Director of Bible Research Institute - October 11th
  Financial Reports - October 12th
 Griggs University merger with Andrews University - October 12th
 Voted a new church structure in Angola  -  October 12th
  New Mission Board to streamline missionary processing - October 12th
  List of officers elected by the Annual Council  -  October 13th
Videos and other media
 Ted Wilson speech "Remember your name"  -  October 9th
     Same speech on another site  (3AngelsTube)
  James Nix, Director of EGW Estate - Friday evening, October 8th
  Sabbath afternoon devotional  -  October 9th
 Documents and Texts
 Text of Ted Wilson's sermon on October 9th
 Revival and Reformation Committee - Initiatives
 List of Officers elected by the Annual Council  (bios will be added when available)
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