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walk  by  faith 
Those who would be victors should contemplate and count the cost of salvation. Strong human passions must be subdued; the independent will must be brought into captivity to Christ. The Christian is to realize that he is not his own. He will have temptations to resist, and battles to fight against his own inclinations; for the Lord will accept no half-way service. Hypocrisy is an abomination to Him. The follower of Christ must walk by faith, as seeing Him who is invisible. Christ will be his dearest treasure, his all and in all.  {AG 271.3}
When we learn to walk by faith and not by feeling, we shall have help from God just when we need it, and His peace will come into our hearts. It was this simple life of obedience and trust that Enoch lived. If we learn this lesson of simple trust, ours may be the testimony that he received, that he pleased God.  {CC 31.2}
Obstinacy is a barrier to all improvement.  An obstinate man will not be readily convinced of anything which his sight cannot take in.  He does not know what it means to walk by faith.  He adheres to his own plans and opinions, be they right or wrong, because he has already adopted this line of thought.  He may have abundant reason to see that he is wrong; his brethren may raise their voices against his opinions and his methods for making a success of the work; but he cherishes an almost immovable bar against conviction. {ChL 60.2}
You have a desire to walk by sight. God would have you learn to walk by faith. You will be often tempted to look at appearance, but this will not do. You must walk by faith. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." But when you looked at your depleted treasury, the dark shadows encircled you, and your faith failed. Then was the time to talk faith and courage, to rise to the emergency. The work is the Lord's, . . . not ours, and we can safely leave it in His hands. Daniel sought the Lord when brought into trying places, and when in trouble, we must pray earnestly to God. You have not moved wisely in all things. You need to learn the lesson of self-denial and self-sacrifice. You must be willing to receive less money in an emergency. God will be glorified in this.-- Lt 27, 1896.  {PM 112.1}
Fellow Christian, Satan knows your weakness; therefore cling to Jesus. Abiding in God's love, you may stand every test. The righteousness of Christ alone can give you power to stem the tide of evil that is sweeping over the world. Bring faith into your experience. Faith lightens every burden, relieves every weariness. Providences that are now mysterious you may solve by continued trust in God. Walk by faith in the path He marks out. Trials will come, but go forward. This will strengthen your faith and fit you for service. The records of sacred history are written, not merely that we may read and wonder, but that the same faith which wrought in God's servants of old may work in us. In no less marked manner will the Lord work now, wherever there are hearts of faith to be channels of His power.  {PK 175.2}
The promise is not that we will have strength today for a future emergency, that anticipated future trouble will be provided for beforehand, before it comes to us. We may, if we walk by faith, expect strength and provision for us as fast as our circumstances demand it. We live by faith, not by sight. The Lord's arrangement is for us to ask Him for the very things that we need. The grace of tomorrow will not be given today. Men's necessity is God's opportunity. . . . The grace of God is never given to be squandered, to be misapplied or perverted, or to be left to rust with disuse. . . .  {AG 261.2}
to  walk  by  Faith  instead  of  by  sight
 Before God permitted them to enter Canaan, they must show that they believed His promise. The water ceased before they had reached Edom. Here was an opportunity for them, for a little time, to walk by faith instead of sight. But the first trial developed the same turbulent, unthankful spirit that had been manifested by their fathers. No sooner was the cry for water heard in the encampment than they forgot the hand that had for so many years supplied their wants, and instead of turning to God for help, they murmured against Him, in their desperation exclaiming, "Would God that we had died when our brethren died before the Lord!" (Numbers 20:1-13); that is, they wished they had been of the number who were destroyed in the rebellion of Korah.  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 414.1
Of Moses God's word declares, "Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth." Long had he borne with the rebellion and obstinacy of Israel. But at last his patience gave way. They were on the borders of the promised land. But before they entered Canaan, they must show that they believed God's promise. The supply of water ceased. Here was an opportunity for them to walk by faith instead of by sight. But they forgot the hand that for so many years had supplied their wants, and instead of turning to God for help, they murmured against Him.  {FE 508.6}
Do not consult feeling; for feeling is not to be our guide. We are to walk by faith, not by sight. Do not let unbelief separate you from God. Do not let one word of unbelief or discouragement escape your lips. Satan is pleased at every such expression, because it is dishonoring to Jesus. Seek earnestly to remedy every defect of character. Put away murmuring and fretfulness. In the indulgence of these traits you represent Satan, the prince of darkness, and not Christ, the Prince of light. Cast no shadow to darken the pathway of others. Walk in the light, and the peace and joy that shine in the face of Jesus will be reflected in you. Jesus lives; and his promise is, "According to your faith be it unto you." [MATT. 9:29.]  {GW92 435.2}
Walk by Faith  - -  For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7  {ML 342.1}  {OHC 120.1}
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