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Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White that contain the phrase . . .
selected  to  hold  responsible  positions
All through our ranks, individual talent has been sadly neglected. A few persons have been selected as spiritual burden-bearers, and the talent of other members has remained undeveloped. Many have grown weaker since their union with the church, because they have been practically prohibited from exercising their talents. The burden of church work should be distributed among its individual members, so that each one may become an intelligent laborer for God. There is altogether too much unused force in our churches. There are a few who devise, plan, and work; but the great mass of the people do not lift their hands to do anything for fear of being repulsed, for fear that others will regard them as out of their place. Many have willing hands and hearts, but they are discouraged from putting their energies into the work. They are criticised if they try to do anything, and finally allow their talents to lie dormant for fear of criticism, when if they were encourage to use them, the work would be advanced, and workers would be added to the force of missionaries. The wisdom to adapt ourselves to peculiar situations, the strength to act in time of emergency, are acquired by putting to use the talents the Lord has given us, and by gaining an experience through personal work. A few are selected to hold responsible positions, and the work is divided up among these brethren. Many more who ought to have an opportunity to develop into efficient workers for the Lord, are left in the shadow. Many of those who stand in places of trust, cherish a spirit of caution, a fear that some move may be made which is not in perfect harmony with their own methods of labor. They require that every plan should reflect their own personality. They fear to trust another's methods. And why are they not to be trusted? -- Because they have not been educated; because their leaders have not drilled them as soldiers should be drilled. Scores of men should be prepared to spring into action at a moment's warning, should an emergency occur which demanded their help. Instead of this, the people go to church, listen to the sermon, pay their tithes, make their offerings, and do very little else. And why? -- Because the ministers do not open their plans to the people, soliciting the benefit of their advice and counsel in planning and their help in executing the plans that they have had a part in forming.  {RH, July 9, 1895 par. 3}
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