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Sabbath  School  Quarterly  Study  Groups
        You could consider the online Sabbath School mailing list (SSNET.org). This volunteer-led ministry maintains an email list frequented by many SS teachers around the world. There is always a healthy discussion covering the current lesson.
        If you're looking for something that gives a little extra lead time to prepare, there is also the Pine Knoll website (pineknoll.org). That site contains recorded discussions of the lesson. Frequently, the SS lesson author is involved, which helps to give some background information regarding the lesson being discussed. It is interesting to see how little or how many changes are made by the editorial staff after the lesson leaves the hands of the author.
       If you are in the Loma Linda area, you can even join in on the discussions being recorded (they record 4 - 6 lessons over the course of one Sabbath.)
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