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The Law in Galatians ( 125 )
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the  Law  in  Galatians
We must see Christ as He is. By the eye of faith we must discern the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. By failing to cherish the Spirit of Christ, by taking wrong positions in the controversy over the law in Galatians -- a question that many have not fully understood before taking a wrong position--the church has sustained a sad loss. The spiritual condition of the church generally, is represented by the words of the True Witness: "Nevertheless," saith the One who loves the souls for whom He has died, "I have somewhat against Thee, because thou hast left thy first love." The position taken by many during the Minneapolis General Conference testifies to their Christless condition. The admonition to every such an one is: "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works: or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent."  {7MR 261.1}
Then the question was asked whether I thought the matter had better drop where it was, after Brother Waggoner had stated his views of the law in Galatians. I said, "By no means. We want all on both sides of the question." But I stated that the spirit I had seen manifested at the meeting was unreasonable. I should insist that there be a right spirit, a Christlike spirit, manifested such as Elder E. J. Waggoner had shown all through the presentation of his views: and that this matter should not be handled in a debating style. The reason I should urge that this matter should be handled in a Christlike spirit was that there should be no thrust made against their brethren differing with them. As Elder E. J. Waggoner had conducted himself like a Christian gentleman they should do the same, giving the arguments on their side of the question in a straightforward manner. . . .  {3SM 174.2}
The Law in Galatians One Point of Difference.-- At this meeting the subject of the law in Galatians was brought before the ministers. This subject had been brought into the conference three years before. . . .  {3SM 167.4}
I returned to my room questioning what was the best course for me to pursue. Many hours that night were spent in prayer in regard to the law in Galatians. This was a mere mote. Whichever way was in accordance with a "Thus saith the Lord," my soul would say, Amen, and Amen. But the spirit that was controlling our brethren was so unlike the spirit of Jesus, so contrary to the spirit that should be exercised toward each other, it filled my soul with anguish.  {3SM 175.2}
Chap. 31 - The Law in Galatians     I am asked concerning the law in Galatians. What law is the schoolmaster to bring us to Christ? I answer: Both the ceremonial and the moral code of ten commandments.  {1SM 233.1}
We are in danger of falling into similar errors. Never should that which God has not given as a test be carried as was the subject of the law in Galatians. I have been instructed that the terrible experience at the Minneapolis conference is one of the saddest chapters in the history of the believers in present truth. God forbids that the subject of the two laws should ever again be agitated as it then was. Some are not yet healed of their defection and would plunge into this subject once more. Should they do this, differences of opinion would again create division. This question must not be revived. Letter 179, 1902, p. 10. (To C. P. Bollman, November 19, 1902.)  {1MR 142.2}
MR No. 716 - The Law in Galatians and the 1888 General Conference
   The customs and practices of the Jews were very exacting. The sayings and dogmas of finite men were constantly put in front as essential to their salvation. Ceremonies and display were put in the place of inward piety. The Lord had instituted rites and ceremonies as the means of making eternal realities understood and impressive. But this did not satisfy the minds of those who had witnessed the idolatrous, superstitious, revolting festivities of the Egyptians in their religious worship. They were constantly approaching idolatry by placing the commandments of men where God and His requirements alone should be. The chastisement of the Lord was upon the people because they were idolizing things, sentiments, and ideas of their own creating.  {9MR 181.1}
This has verily been the case in the theory of the law in Galatians. Anything that becomes such a hobby as to usurp the place of Christ, any idea so exalted as to be placed where nothing of light or evidence can find a lodgment in the mind, takes the form of an idol, to which everything is sacrificed. The law in Galatians is not a vital question and never has been. Those who have called it one of the old landmarks simply do not know what they are talking about. It never was an old landmark, and it never will become such. These minds that have been wrought up in such an unbecoming manner, and have manifested such fruits as have been seen since the Minneapolis meeting, may well begin to question whether a good tree produces such evidently bitter fruit.  {9MR 183.2}
     I say, through the word given me of God, "Those who have stood so firmly to defend their ideas and positions on the law in Galatians have need to search their hearts as with a lighted candle, to see what manner of spirit has actuated them." With Paul I would say, "Who hath bewitched you, that you should not obey the truth?" (Galatians 3:1). What satanic persistency and obstinacy has been evidenced! I have had no anxiety about the law in Galatians, but I have had anxiety that our leading brethren should not go over the same ground of resistance to light and the manifest testimonies of the Spirit of God, and reject everything to idolize their own supposed ideas and pet theories.  {9MR 183.3}
     I am forced, by the attitude my brethren have taken and the spirit evidenced, to say, "God deliver me from your ideas of the law in Galatians, if the receiving of these ideas would make me so unchristian in my spirit, words, and works as many who ought to know better have been." I see not the divine credentials accompanying you. I am warned again and again of what will be the result of this warfare you have persistently maintained against the truth.  {9MR 184.1}

 Ellen White's Position on the Law in Galatians Unchanged.--I have not changed my views in reference to the law in Galatians, but I hope that I shall never be left to entertain the spirit that was brought into the General Conference. I have not the least hesitancy in saying it was not the Spirit of God. If every idea we have entertained in doctrines is truth, will not the truth bear to be investigated? Will it totter and fall if criticized? If so, let it fall, the sooner the better. The spirit that would close the door to investigation of points of truth in a Christlike manner is not the Spirit from above. . . .  {9MR 216.4}
MR No. 731 - The Law in Galatians
     The "Added Law."--I have something to say to you that I should withhold no longer. I have been looking in vain as yet to get an article that was written nearly twenty years ago [cir. 1867] in reference to the "added law." I read this to Elder [J. H.] Waggoner. I stated then to him that I had been shown his position in regard to the law was incorrect, and from the statements I made to him he has been silent upon the subject for many years. . . .  {9MR 215.1}
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