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South Eastern California Conference - Exec Committee
    South Eastern California Conference                 ( 951 ) 5 0 9 - 2 2 0 0  
         11330 Pierce Street
         Riverside, Calif. 92505                          www.SECC.AdventistFaith.org     info@SECCsda.org
Membership:   70,893 in 2012  ( 50% Hispanic )
     President:    Sandra Roberts  ( Elected Oct. 27, 2013 )       LINKEDin      
                        Note:   First woman to be elected to this position in SDA church  
                            See Spectrum article  - -  See OrdinationTruth article
                    Former President:   Gerald Penick, Sr  (now retired)     LINKEDin 
     Exec. Secretary:   Jonathan Park  ( elected Oct. 27, 2013 )
                              was Sandra Roberts (from 2005 to 2013)    
     Treasurer:   Verlon Strauss       
     Suprintendent of Education:  Donald Dudley
     Ministerial Director:  Ernest Furness
     I.T. Services Director:   David Johnson

                    List of Delegates to Oct. 2013 Constituency Meeting   See List    
    (Territory:  Counties of San Diego, Imperial, Orange Riverside and San Bernardino)
    Part of  Pacific Union Conference   
South Eastern California Conference
Executive Committee
   Members of LaSierra University Board of Trustees  have this  ► after name
Name of Member  County Ethnicity
John Brunt,  
Pastor, Azure Hills
San Bernardino Anglo/Others
Veronica Chalco  San Diego Hispanic
Israel Chambi Orange Anglo/Others
Flaviano Dalisay San Diego Hispanic
Pamela Evans Riverside African-American
Larry Geraty Riverside Anglo/Others
Fabiola Guzman San Bernardino Hispanic
Caleb Jara,
Pastor, Anahein Spanish
Orange Hispanic
Mark Johnston Imperial Hispanic
Raewyn Hankins, Female San Bernardino Anglo/Others
Tai Kim, Female San Bernardino Asian Pacific
Andy Lampkin San Bernardino African-American
Kelby McCottry,
Pastor, San Diego, 31 Street
San Diego African-American
Stefani McFarland, Female Riverside Anglo/Others
Frieda Roos San Bernardino Anglo/Others
Feona Samples San Bernardino Asian Pacific
Victor Tolan Orange Anglo/Others
Jason Turner San Diego Anglo/Others
Sonia Villarruel Riverside Hispanic
Melody Wuttke Riverside Anglo/Others
Plus  (3) Administrative Officers – (3) Vice Presidents – (1) Superintendent of Education
Vice President for Asian/Pacific Ministries – Elizer Sacay
 (read resumeread job descriptionview photo)

Vice President for Black Ministries – George King
 (read resumeread job descriptionview photo)

Vice President for Hispanic Ministries – Alberto Ingleton
 (read resumeread job descriptionview photo)
Superintendent of Education --  Donald Dudley

Bylaws Committee Members

  Sharon Bewley   - - Business Woman
  Linda Cheney   - - Retired Principal
  Humberto Hernandez   - - Attorney
  Shirley Ji     - - Teacher
  Julihana Madison     - - Clinical Director
  Jay Razzouk      - - Attorney
  Anderson Sandiford     - - Teacher
  Gilbert Valentine  - - University Professor
  Ex-Officio Member: Conference Executive Secretary
 Members of Pacific Union Conf. Exec Committee from SECC
Chris Oberg,     (Southeastern California Conf)
Charles Johnson  (Southeastern California Conf)
Source of Information:  http://seccsession.org/nominating-committee-report/
This page last updated:   Oct. 28, 2013
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