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Seeds of Tares ( 2 )
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seeds  of  Tares
The work of the parent is seldom done as it should be. . . . Parents, have you studied parental government that you may wisely train the will and impulse of your children? Teach the young tendrils to entwine about God for support. It is not enough that you say, Do this, or, Do that, and then become utterly regardless and forgetful of what you have required, and the children are not careful to do your commands. Prepare the way for your child to obey your commands cheerfully; teach the tendrils to cling to Jesus. . . . Teach them to ask the Lord to help them in the little things of life; to be wide awake to see the small duties which need to be done; to be helpful in the home. If you do not educate them, there is one who will, for Satan is watching his opportunity to sow the seeds of tares in the heart.  {CG 31.1}
The Lord would mold and fashion the life aright, and establish the feet upon the Rock of Ages. But, when men are self-centered and self-exalted, the angels sorrow, for they know that seeds of tares will be dropped into the minds of others, to spring up and produce their crop. The only safety for any soul is to walk humbly with God. Then men will watch unto prayer. They pray [merely] with the lips, when the heart does not unite with the prayer. . . .  {UL 95.3}
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