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Large  Church
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When Seventh-day Adventists move into cities where there is already a large church of believers, they are out of place, and their spirituality becomes weaker and weaker. Their children are exposed to many temptations. My brother, my sister, unless you are absolutely needed in carrying forward the work in such a place, it would be wise for you to go to some place where the truth has not yet been proclaimed, and there strive to give proof of your ability to work for the Master. Make earnest efforts to arouse an interest in present truth. House-to-house work is effectual when conducted in a Christlike manner. Hold meetings, and be sure to make them interesting. Remember that this requires something more than preaching.  {8T 82.2}
Have those who moved to Battle Creek proved a help to the church? As the matter was presented before me, I looked to see who were bearing a living testimony for God, who were feeling a burden for the youth, who were visiting from house to house, praying with families and laboring for their spiritual interests. I saw that this work had been neglected. On coming to this large church, many feel that they have no part to act. Hence they fold their hands and shun all responsibility and effort.  {5T 185.1}
God designs that His people shall be the light of the world, the salt of the earth. The plan of gathering together in large numbers, to compose a large church, has contracted their influence, and narrowed down their sphere of usefulness, and is literally putting their light under a bushel. It is God's design that the knowledge of the truth should come to all, that none may remain in darkness, ignorant of its principles; but that all should be tested upon it and decide for or against it, that all may be warned and left without excuse. The plan of colonizing, or moving from different localities where there is but little strength or influence, and concentrating the influence of many in one locality, is removing the light from places where God would have it shine.  {2T 633.2}  {RH, February 16, 1886 par. 5}
The parents are blind to the true state of their children, who have succeeded in entirely deceiving them. But those who have lost the control of their children are not pleased when others seek to control them or to point out their defects for the purpose of correcting them. The cause of God has been retarded in ----- by parents' bringing their unruly and undisciplined children into this large church. Many are living in constant neglect of their duty to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord; yet these very ones have most to say concerning the wickedness of the youth in -----, when it is the wrong example and evil influence of their own children that have demoralized the young people with whom they have associated.  {4T 193.1}
Let none think to find, even at the great heart of the work, a faultless people. Christ himself has taught us that the gospel net gathers of every kind, and these are not wholly separated until the Judgment. Those who seek to maintain the standard of spirituality in that large church have difficulties to encounter of which our smaller churches know little. We must expect to be thrown in contact with unconsecrated and world-loving professors of godliness. But none need stumble over the example of even their brethren in the faith. We have one unerring Pattern. Says Christ, "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."  -  {RH, March 28, 1882 par. 16}
We each have a duty to perform. The light of Heaven has revealed to us that every one who would take upon himself this work, would have the blessing of God, and thus the light of truth be reflected across the pathway of others. "What doest thou here, Elijah?" Who sent you here, that you might come into this large church, to be a burden instead of a shining light, as you should be? A living church is a working church. Here you sit under the light of Heaven, and give out no rays of light to those who are in darkness; and yet you seem to be content, and do not appreciate your blessings, because you are not awake.  {RH, December 18, 1888 par. 20}
It is not an uncommon thing to see imperfection in those who carry on God's work. Go into any place where there is a large church, where there are important interests at stake, as there are at Battle Creek, and there we may behold the deep plottings of Satan; but this should  not lead us to dwell upon the imperfections of those who yield to his temptations. Would it not be more pleasing to God to take an impartial outlook, and see how many souls are serving God, and glorifying and honoring him with their talents of means and intellect? Would it not be better to consider the wonderful, miracle-working power of God in the transformation of poor degraded sinners, who have been full of moral pollution, who become changed so that they are Christ-like in character, partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust?  {RH, August 15, 1893 par. 6}
The phrase "large church" appears 41 times in the writings of Ellen G. White
large  Churches
The Lord has made us as a people the depositaries of his truth; this truth is fraught with eternal interests, and yet we are spiritually dead. We do not realize the situation in which we are placed. We are to be light-bearers to the world, and yet there are scores in our large churches who are unconcerned in regard to the salvation of sinners. Are we the men and women to whom the light of the Scriptures has been revealed which we are to let shine forth to the world in clear, steady rays? In giving you the truth, and commanding you to make it known to those who are in darkness, has God made a mistake?  {RH, May 6, 1890 par. 9}
Many of the members of our large churches are doing comparatively nothing. They might accomplish a good work if, instead of crowding together, they would scatter into places that have not yet been entered by the truth. Trees that are planted too thickly do not flourish. They are transplanted by the gardener, that they may have room to grow, and not become dwarfed and sickly. The same rule would work well for our large churches. Many of the members are dying spiritually for want of this very work. They are becoming sickly and inefficient. Transplanted, they would have room to grow strong and vigorous.-- Testimonies, vol. 8 p. 244.  {ChS 183.4}   {CL 21.4}  {RH, May 15, 1888 par. 11}
There are many wrong things which we allow to pass by unnoticed, when by our godly conversation we might set an example of rightdoing that would be a standing rebuke to the evildoers. We cannot afford by our example to seem to sanction wrongdoing. There is a heaven to win and a hell to shun. In large churches of believers. . . there is special danger of lowering the standard. Where many are gathered together some are more liable to grow careless and indifferent than they would be if isolated and made to stand alone. But even under adverse circumstances we may watch unto prayer and set an example in godly conversation that will be a powerful testimony for the right. . . . We cannot afford to speak words that would discourage our fellow pilgrims in the Christian pathway. Christ has given His life in order that we might live with Him in glory. Throughout eternity He will bear in His hands the prints of the cruel nails by which He was transfixed to the cross of Calvary. . . .  {HP 299.4}
We see large churches gathered in different localities. Their members have gained a knowledge of the truth, and many are content to hear the word of life without seeking to impart light. They feel little responsibility for the progress of the work, little interest in the salvation of souls. They are full of zeal in worldly things, but they do not bring their religion into their business. They say: "Religion is religion, and business is business." They believe that each has its proper sphere, but they say: "Let them be separated."  {6T 424.2}    Read section for context
The members of our large churches are not in the most favorable situation for spiritual growth or for development of efficient methods of labor. They are inclined to let others bear the burdens that the Lord designs all should have a part in carrying. Perhaps there may be a number of good workers, and these take up the work so spiritedly that the weaker ones do not see where they can get hold, so they settle down in idleness. It is a mistake for our people to crowd together in large numbers. It is not in harmony with God's plans. It is his will that the knowledge which we receive of the truth should be communicated to others; that the light which shines upon us should be reflected upon the pathway of those walking in darkness, so that we may lead others to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world. But where a large number are congregated together in one church, this work in a large measure is neglected, and the light of truth is often only reflected back and forth upon the church-members; the world is left in darkness, the alarm is not sounded, the warning message from Heaven is not given.  {RH, July 9, 1895 par. 11}
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