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Fate of the Apostles
Fate of the Apostles and members of early church
James  - Son of Zebedee   Slain by Herod Agrippa in 44 AD
Phillip  - Preached gospel in Upper Asia. 
              At Heliopolis in Phrygia he was scourged, imprisoned and crucified in 54 AD
Matthew  - Labored in Parthia and Ethiopia where he was martyred in the city of Nababah in 60 AD
James the Less - A brother of Jesus, an overseer of the early church in Jerusalem. At 94 years old he was stoned by his fellow Jews.
Matthias - Replaced Judas Iscariot, the traitor. Stoned in Jerusalem and then beheaded.
Andrew  - Peter's brother. Labored in countries of Asia. On arrival at Edessa, Syria, he was crucified.
Mark  -  Labored in Egypt. At Alexandria he was dragged to pieced by a mob of idolators
Peter  -  Labored mostly for the Jews. Finally at Rome he was arested during Nero's reign and crucified upside down.
Paul - Apostle to the gentiles. Was beheaded by Nero about 68 AD
Jude or Thaddeus  -  Crucified at Edessa, 72 AD
Bartholomew - Labored in several countries. In India he was cruelly beaten and crucified by a mob
Thomas - Labored in Parthia and India. Martyred by Hindo priests, thrust through with a spear
Luke  -  Worked with Paul in various countries. Tradition says he was hanged from an olive tree by pagan priest in Greece.
Simon Zealotes  -  Labored in Mauretania, Africa and
Barnabas  -  reported that he was martyred in 73 AD
Nicodemus  -  Suffered death at Rome under Domitian
Timothy  -  Labored in Ephesus until 97 AD he was clubbed to death by pagan people.
John  -  Labored in Asia Minor. Arrested and sent to Rome where Domitian ordered he be thrown into a couldron of boiling oil. He was miraculously preserved whereupon the emperor banished him to the Isle of Patmos. Where he died a natural death.
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