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19   Phrases  related  to   T e s t
+       Test the Hearts
+      test of faith  (  )   >  
+      Stand the Test       -|-     Stand the test of temptation
Our  Test
-|-     This will be our test    
-|-     the final test   ( 60 )     >    time of final test  
- -  Tests from God
-|-     God tests us  ( 14 )    ►    God tests His people  ( 4 )
►    God tests our faith   ( 4 )
                                                ►    we are placed on trial  ( 5 )
-|-     Test for the last days                 
-|-     Test of Loyalty    
-|-     The Lord is testing   
to  prove
-|-      prove the faithful   ( 1 )    >   prove the faith  ( 3 )
Tested  /  trials
-|-    God's people will be tested  ( 8 )   >   God's people will be tested and proved
-|-     Many are still tested
-|-     Tested according to His will    ( 9 )
-|-      placed on trial   ( 10 )     >   We are placed on trial   ( 3 )

          My personal favorite
We should never forget that we are placed on trial in this world, to determine our fitness for the future life. None can enter heaven whose characters are defiled by the foul blot of selfishness. Therefore, God tests us here, by committing to us temporal possessions, that our use of these may show whether we can be entrusted with eternal riches. And the time is near when the case of every soul will be forever decided. "Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not."  -- {RH, May 16, 1893 par. 5}  {CS 22.1}
God's people will be tested and proved. The plain and pointed testimony must act a prominent part in this work. In these days of darkness and peril who is able to stand and speak the whole truth? Multitudes of teachers prophesy smooth things. They see no special cause of alarm in the present condition of the professed people of God. The people are asleep, and the teachers are asleep. They cry, Peace, peace, and the multitude that hear believe their report and are at ease. This makes the necessity greater for faithful teachers to bear the pointed, faithful testimony. The present is a time of scouring and purifying, a time of warfare and trial. The house of Israel is being sifted, even as corn is sifted in a sieve. The chaff must be removed, and it will require close work to separate the chaff from the kernels of grain. God's discerning eye will detect the smallest particle of chaff, and yet he will not cause to fall upon the ground the least kernel of grain. - {RH, November 26, 1861 par. 13}
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