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Help me contact Don King - Sept. 8, 2013
Response from Atlantic Union Conference
sometime between Sept. 1st and Sept 4th
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Please  help  me  get  messages  to  Don King
Please send this message to him or something like it
Dear Don King:
   I have read the message that Mario wrote to you on September 5th which appears on
  I have decided to help Mario to send messages to you because his situation reveals that my membership in the Seventh-day Adventist church, although protected by the rights given to me on pages 63 → 67 of the church manual, it is only as secure at the willingness of church administrators to uphold these rights.  By preventing Mario from contacting you, I question if you are willing to uphold the rights given to members.

  If you do not want to consider his appeal, just tell him plainly, so that he can take it to the division level. Preventing him from contacting you is unprofessional and a disgrace to your position as President of the Atlantic Union Conference.

  You may have some reason for not wanting to respond to Mario, so if you send me your response I will forward it to him.

  If you "Blacklist" my message, I may contact my friends and ask them to send these messages to you.

  I am following this situation with keen interest and I am praying that the Lord will impress you with the importance of addressing the important question that Mario has presented to you.

God Bless

Your name
Please copy the suggested message, or compose your own message and send it to


and  please  send  a copy  to

If you are a member of the Atlantic Union Conference, may I suggest you copy and add
I am a member of the Atlantic Union Conference and I would like to hear from you that my membership is secure because my rights as a member will be upheld.  If my church board prevented me from getting a fair hearing, can I trust you to uphold my rights?
If you are a member of the Greater New York Conference, may I suggest you add
I am a member of the Greater New York Conference and I am pleased that Earl Knight sent a representative to the hearing on Aug. 3rd, however, I am concerned that the conference representative should allow so many violations of the rights given to members to insure a fair hearing. I am concerned that the GNYC did not correct his mistakes.
Request asking you to ask Don King why he did this