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Poetry by RFH - Addictions / My Love is More
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Poems  by  RFH
                        by LHY and RFH
You're standing right here,
  yet you're so far away.
  Where does the alcohol take you
    until the break of day?
Thru twisted horrors
  and disappointments
  of the past?
    Or into cherished memories
    of family that seemed
      to fade so fast?
We don't know how
  we can help you,
  tho' we've been here
    many times before;
Just when we think
  we've answered your knock,
  you turn and bolt away
    from our door.

Don't you know
  we love you so?
  Why must we cry
    before you die?
    Your addictions
      are our afflictions:
Coffee, coming out of your ears;
  cigarettes, shortening your years;
  alcohol, and maybe weed;
    What else do you feel you need?
As those who love you,
  how do you rate us?
  The more we love you,
    the more you hate us.
Should we -- or could we --
  just let go?
  We can't; we won't!
Will you end your life
  in woe?
  You can't; please don't!
'Tis not all your fault
  -- this we know --
  but little could cushion
    the final blow.
Please, Lord, we pray:
  Get in that head
  before our loved one
    joins the dead.
              (c) LHY, RFH  8/4/2013
               [Nonprofit use permitted]
NOTE: On August 4, 2013, it was
reported on CBS Sunday Morning
(the long-running television news
magazine) that in the U.S. one in four
students in grades 9-12 have experi-
enced substance abuse, and that this
is an ever-growing problem among
adults as well.

      -   -   -   -   -   -   -
                  by RFH
Heaven has its messengers
  and its residents, too;
  Earthlings are its ambassadors,
    each with a work to do.
It's the Spirit-led family,
  or the couple -- even the
  solitary soul --
    upon whom Heaven depends
    to fill this most-important role.
In the world in which we live
  multitudes have yet to know
  the message that Heaven's
    ambassadors have yet
    to fully bestow.
Dear brothers and dear sisters,
  God is calling us today
  to encourage one another
    to serve Heaven
    in every way;
To tell of Messiah's love
  for families, couples -- even
  solitary souls;
    to pledge our allegiance
    to Heaven and take on
      our Spirit-led roles.
Then when every nation is told,
  and there's no new place
  to roam,
    our Father will come
    with His host
      to bring all His children home.
                      (c) RFH 3/4/2000
     [Non-profit use permitted]
          by RFH
Spurned as the sun
  e'er reaching thru
  dark clouds of gray;
This is My love;
  My love is more
  than what you say.
What you say it is
  cannot compare
  with all the earth
    and all its air;
Or with mountains high
  and fields so fair.
  You may copy My love
    -- if you dare;
'Twill not cost you
  so much as it did Me;
  for you'll not be left
    scarred -- eternally.
Psalm 22:17; Luke 24:39;
Isaiah 53: 4, 5.
       (c) RFH 10/23/2013
[Nonprofit use permitted]
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