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Appeal to Santos - June 13, 2013
  Appeal to Gerson Santos, GNYC
                                                                                                 June 13, 2013
Dear Gerson Santos:
    I saw you at Ted Wilson’s third presentation on Sunday and thought to send you a photo that I took of an important part of Ted Wilson's message titled "The Real Star Wars Conflict" which he presented on Sunday, June 9th - at Manhattan Church   http://www.diggingfortruth.org/article/2704 
   On the screen it says, “The Universe must see that God is love and His way is best” and this makes me think about how the church is treating ____ and ______.  You have authorized police involvement and the pastor called the police as soon as they walked in the door.  This shows the universe and unseen angels that you put your faith in the police to resolve the situation at Manhattan Church, it also shows that the Pastor did not offer them any opportunity to repent before trying to arrest them for criminal trespassing. According to Ted Wilson God wants His people to show the universe that they put their faith in God to resolve this situation by following his ways.
  The ladies say that I can inform you that she has seats reserved in their name and valid tickets registered in their name and that they intend to attend the meetings at Manhattan Church even if you do not grant the personal appeal which was made to Dan King on Friday
  It was no accident that Don King and his wife sat next to me on June 7th and when you come up to say hello the Don King I was talking with him, so I assume that you remember seeing me there.  We were talking about the blessing that the Lord was pouring out on the audience through Ted Wilson’s message and I pointed out the two ladies want to receive the blessing also, I asked him to speak to you about giving them permission and he said he would do it.
  When I reported this to ______, she said that she would delay attending Manhattan Church in the hope that you would grant permission for them to attend.  If the police are called, will they arrest these two ladies for criminal trespassing? How will the police view them holding valid tickets registered in their name.  If the police decide not to remove them from the church, the ladies can claim it was by the power of God and the unfallen worlds will see that God is love and His way is best, the ladies put their trust in Him and the church puts its trust in the police.
  You are not handling this matter in God’s way, the way that is described in the Church Manual does not include the police.  Consider this text on page 65 .  .  .
   "The work of the church in its administration of order and discipline, is an ecclesiastical function and, in no sense, has to do with civil or legal procedure; therefore, the church does not recognize the right of any member to bring a lawyer to represent him/her in any church meeting or council called to administer order or discipline or for the transaction of any other church business. Members wanting to bring legal counsel into a meeting should be informed that they will not be given a hearing if they insist on bringing legal counsel. .  ."

Church Manual,  page 65
  In God’s church the “administration of order and discipline is an ecclesiastical function and in no sense has to do with civil or legal procedure.”
  Not only did you violate the church manual process described above, you have ignored what the Church Manual says on page 61,
   "At times Church organizations or institutions may have grievances against members. In such circumstances, Church administrator must in Christian forbearance, keep in mind the biblical counsel for settling disputes among Christians and apply that counsel to the settlement of grievances of the Church against its members. The Church should, in preference to litigating matters in a secular court, make every reasonable effort in cooperation with the member to provide a process by which orderly settlement of the problem can be accomplished."

Church Manual,  page 61
. . . by ignoring these two sections of the church manual which it is your duty and responsibility to administer properly you have been accused of professional misconduct. You have prevented an investigation into your own conduct which in my opinion is questionable conduct of itself.  
  In addition to the church manual, you have ignored the inspired writings of Ellen White which causes these two ladies to believe that God does not support your decision .  .  .
   "There is a time coming when those who have joined the church, but have not joined Christ, will be manifest. Their corrupt principles can not blend with Christ. The heart must be made new before it can receive the truth that sanctifies the receiver. But to sit in judgment on those who, we think, are wrong -- to condemn them and cast them out -- is not for mortals to do. God has not given this work to any human being. "Let both grow together until the harvest," Christ says. He has bought men with a price, even his precious blood; and he would not lose one soul. His experience with Judas is recorded to show his long patience with perverse human nature. He came not to "destroy men's lives, but to save them." He will decide who are worthy to dwell in perfect unity with the saints in the family of heaven."

Review & Herald, February 7, 1899  par. 10.
   Brother Santos, I urge you not to ignore this prophetic statement and to stop supporting the “corrupt principle” of what I call “discipline by Cop” -  please consider the principles of discipline found in the church manual, and the grievance resolution process described on page 61 and correct this injustice.
   In my opinion, the most powerful testimony that the ladies can make is to attend the Ted Wilson evangelism series to seek a blessing from the Lord and to behave orderly. They can support their claim that the accusations made against them could be false, this testimony can even be better for them if the police are called and the police decide to respect their valid tickets and do not remove these ladies or arrest them. They can claim it was the power of God that blessed their faith in Him.
  If the ladies do get arrested, they are entitled to due process of law, and there will be a court trial. If you are in the church on the day they get arrested, you and Ted Wilson can be invited to testify at this trial (the legal term is subpoena) and you will be asked questions about your duties described in the church manual.  
  I hope that Don King explained this to you on Friday, and that you will grant permission for these ladies to attend the Ted Wilson meetings. This message to you is just in case Don King did not do what he told me he would do on Friday. 
 I hope to hear from you very soon
In God We Trust

    Note:   Names of the two Adventist ladies have been removed