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Obsolete Words found in writings of EGW
Glossary of Obsolete words and terms
in the writings of Ellen G. White
with description of meanings


American Costume:  A style of women's dress designed in the 1850's which was more healthful then trailing skirts or hoop skirts. However, with its trousers, shirt, and coat it resembled men's attire and was therefore unacceptable to Sabbathkeeping Adventists. See The Story of Our Health Message, 1955, p 112-119
{CH 605.2}, {3SM 278.2}, {4bSG 159.1}, {1T 418.1}, {1T 421.1}, {1T 422.1},  {1T 424.1}, {1T 457.1},  {1T 458.2}, {1T 463.1}, {1T 717.4}, {RH, October 8, 1867 par. 7}  Appears 23 times

Animal magnetism:  An old designation for hypnosis.
{Ev 604.1}, {Ev 605.1},  {1MCP 20.2},  {2MCP 712.1}, {2MCP 720.5},  {2SM 352.1},  {1T 296.1}, {1T 297.1},   {ST, November 6, 1884 par. 12},  {ST, November 13, 1884 par. 1}, ( appears 16 times)

Bible Institute:  A convention type gathering where ministers were called in for periods of Bible study. These extended over a period of two of three weeks or a month as leading SDA preachers of Scriptures.

Bible reader:  One who labored as a Bible worker or Bible instructor, giving studies in the homes of the people

Bible reading:  A Bible study.

Biscuit:  THe term as usually employed by Ellen G. WHite refers to a quick breed made in American homes, using a leavening agent other than yeast. The word is also used to designate English biscuit, which corresponds womewhat to an American cooky or cracker.

Canvasser:  A term used in earlier years for colporteur or literature evangelist.

Consumption:  Tuberculosis.

Daguerreotype:  A photograph made on a metal plate, the forefunner of the photograph as it is known today.

Electric Physician:  A term usedin the mid-minetheenth century to refer to healers using mesmerism or hypnosis. One early school held that hypnosis was produced by electrical forces in the human body.

General Agent:  The individual overseeing the distribution of SDA literature through colporteur sales, before the days of the General Conference Publishing Department. The comparable position today would be GC Publishing Department Secretary.

Groggery:   A tern used ub Britistcountries to refer to establishment where beer and other alcoholic beverages are dispensed.

Hygienic restaurant:  A restaurant operated by SDA, providing vegetarian food in accordance with health-reform principles.

Mind Cure: Treatment of the sick in which the forces of the mind are employed. The results may be detrimental, as when the mind and will of the patient are submitted to the control of the mind of the practitioner; or beneficial, when reight and acceptable methods are employed.

Phrenology: A study of the conformation of the skull as indicative of mental faculties and traits of character. Phrenology attained considerable practice in the mid-nineteenth century.

Phthisic:  An old medical term referring to throat and lung affections, including asthma, tubervulosis, etc.

Preceptor:  Dean of Men








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