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Our Favorite Quote - March 2013

 Our  Favorite  Ellen G. White  Quotation

                      for  March  2013

          This section was created in November 2010 to study and discuss
key paragraphs that appears in the writings of Ellen G. White in
five or more of her published works.
Each month we will present a new paragraph.  You can discuss it on the Forum or you can post a comment at the bottom of this page.

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Feel free to suggest your favorite paragraph (include references to at least five places it appears).

                                  Our Favorite for March  2013

  Turn to the Lord, ye prisoners of hope. Seek strength from God, the living God. Show an unwavering, humble faith in His power and His willingness to save. From Christ is flowing the living stream of salvation. He is the Fountain of life, the Source of all power. When in faith we take hold of His strength, He will change, wonderfully change, the most hopeless, discouraging outlook. He will do this for the glory of His name.     
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Mario Pietravalle
2013-02-23 12:05 AM

Ted Wilson quoted this text in his appeal to the Columbia Union Conference Constituency Meeting on July 29, 2012. He quoted Testimonies, Volume 8, which was a good choice because of the context which gives a better understanding of what he was saying to the people at this meeting.  
See  http://www.diggingfortruth.org/article/2585/  for the context.

Click on this LINK for the video of Ted Wilson's appeal to the Columbia Union Conference