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Sanctification by Faith ( 2 )

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Sanctification  by  Faith

I read your letter in reference to my request not to receive wages for the past year. I have thought that I would give up writing for the papers entirely, and employ Fannie myself in getting out many things that need to be prepared. For a long time I have desired to have something prepared on the subject of Sanctification by Faith, for this subject has never appeared in the form that it should.  {19MR 270.2}


I also would like to get out another Testimony, a book for Christian parents that would especially define the mother's duties, and a book on Christian temperance, which needs to be done. I also would like to have a book prepared for the youth, as this has long been urged upon me. I have considered the question, and have thought that I would refrain from sending articles to the Review and Herald, the Signs of the Times, and other periodicals for the space of a year. But the first thing that needs our attention is the work on "The Life of Christ." But no one seemed in favor of my plan, and therefore I furnished articles just as abundantly as I have in the past. I have had no one who could report my sermons, and have written articles to be prepared for the papers.  {19MR 270.3}

the subject of sanctification by faith

For a long time I have desired to have something prepared on the subject of Sanctification by Faith; for this subject has not appeared in the form that it should.-- Letter 59, 1895, p. 5. (To Brother and Sister O. A. Olsen, May 12, 1895.)  {4MR 347.1}

The Word has made the statement, "I am the Lord that do sanctify you" if you observe the Sabbath. This is the only true sanctification in the Scriptures-- that which comes from God because of obedience to His commandments. Then we may know that the little companies assembled together to worship the Lord on the day which He has blessed and made holy, have a right to claim the rich blessings of Jehovah. He who has declared that His words are spirit and life, should have their faith in strong exercise that the Lord Jesus is an honored guest in their assemblies. "Where two or three are met together in My name, there am I in their midst." If He is there, it is to enlighten and bless. Therefore as we assemble together, we all have a solemn sense of the presence of God, and know that the angels of God are in the assembly. The messengers of the gospel know by experience its truth, power and excellence. It is the hours of the Sabbath that are sacred and sanctified and holy, and every true worshiper who keeps holy the Sabbath, should claim the promise, "That ye may know I am the Lord that doth sanctify you."  {4MR 347.2}


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