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Study - Chapter 30 - Emnity, Man & Satan
Thought Questions and Notes on
The Great Controversy 

Chapter 30:   
Emnity Between Man and Satan

1.  How much was comprehended in the pronouncement of God that there should be enmity between the seed of the woman and Satan? Were it not for this promise, what relationship would have existed between Satan and all who yield to his temptations?  [ 505:1-3 ] 

2.  What is the reason for Satan’s enmity against the human race, and how is it manifested? How alone is enmity created in man against Satan?  [ 506:2,3 ] 

3.  What was the secret of the enmity manifested by the Jews against Jesus? Against His followers by sinners?  [ 506:3 - 507:2 ]  

4.  How is Satan advantaged by the popular ignorance and disbelief regarding him and his wiles? [ 507:2 - 508:1 ]  

5.  What is one difference between the unregenerate and the renewed heart? What is a common way of inviting temptation?  [ 508:2 - 509:1 ] 

6.  Are the possession of talents and culture to be despised by the humble Christian? How may they be used by Satan as a snare to others? What example is given of the danger of perverting these powers?  [ 509:2,3 ]  

7.  For what issue has Satan been preparing? What assurances are given for our encouragement in the closing conflict?  [ 510:1-3 ]


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