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Adventist Colleges
               Adventist  Colleges and Universities  in  USA
Atlantic Union College, Lancaster, MA
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI     www.Andrews.edu
               President:  Andrea Luxton  ( Started:  Oct. 2016 )
Columbia Union College  (now called Washington Adventist University)
LaSiera University, Los Angeles, California
Loma Linda University,  Loma Linda, California       www.LLU.edu
Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama
                President:   Leslie Pollard
Pacific Union College, Anguine, California
               President:  Robert Cushman, Jr.   (started: May 2017 )
Southern Union College,  Chattanooga, TN
               President:  Gordon Bietz ( Retired:  June 2015 )
Southwestern Adventist University, Texas
               President:   David Smith   ( Started:  Feb. 2016 )
Union College,  Lincoln, NE
Walla Walla College, Washington State
                    President:   John McVay
Washington Adventist University, Washington DC       Website:   www.WAU.edu
                         President:   Weymouth Spence     LINKEDin Profile
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