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Letter to Ted Wilson - Aug. 24, 2012
Letter to Ted Wilson

E-ventist Network Supports Ted Wilson
and General Conference leaders
'Going Forward in Unity'

Dear Ted Wilson:
    I founded an on-line group for Adventists on the social media and professional networking site www.LINKEDin.com  There are 1,270 Adventists in the group.
    There are three discussions about recent actions by the Pacific Union Conference and the Columbia Union conference, which has generated more than 350 comments.
The following quote from the inspired writings of EGW was shared with the group and I hope you will be encouraged by these words.
The Spirit of Christ never leads those of the same faith to separate into distinct, independent parties. When such a separation takes place, an impression exactly opposite from that which Christ prayed, is given to the world."  {GCB, July 1, 1900 par. 18} 
"Why do those who profess to believe in Christ, who profess to keep the commandments, make such feeble efforts to answer the Saviour's prayer? Why do they seek to have their own way, instead of choosing the way and will of the Spirit of God? Those who do this will one day see the harm done to the cause of God by pulling apart. Instead of co-operating with Christ, instead of laboring together with God, many who occupy positions of trust are working in opposition to Christ. The Lord has presented this to me in a most decided manner to present to his people." {GCB, July 1, 1900 par. 19}
A Poll of the members shows support for you and the GC leaders. Of the members who voted in the poll 3 to 1 are in support of your efforts.
The name of our group on LINKEDin.com started as Adventists LINKED, but is now called E-ventist Network. We are the largest of 20 other groups calling themselves E-ventist since April when the GC legal department started legal action because Adventist was Trademarked and we were in violation of it. There are now 4,300 E-ventists in the 21 groups for Adventists on LINKEDin.
Many in my group have joined me in prayer for the General Conference leaders to be strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit through this crisis.
In God We Trust
Mario Petrovalle

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Jose Diaz
2012-08-24 10:22 AM

To all who are students of the Word, trying situations come, that prove our understanding of God's word and Christian maturity.  The topic of women's ordination, which is being presented before us, is one such situation.  The word of God, unequivocally says "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).  Romans 6:23 adds that "the wages of sin is death".  Therefore, the human race (all of us) deserve death, and no one should escape its claws.  Yet, in His mercy, God makes exceptions for our benefit and for the building of our faith. Enoch and Elijah are exceptions in God's word.  Members of the human family, they both escaped death, even though they fell short of the glory of God.  It is important to note, these two characters are exceptions, equally, this was God's will and not human will.  In the same way, Ellen White became a prophet by God's will and not because she was voted by human agencies. How does this tie in with the subject of women's ordination in the church?  Many argue that because Ellen White was appointed of God to be a prophet, they conclude that it is also God's will that women should be ordained into the ministry.  We should pause and make a point. There is a difference in holding the office of a prophet and that of a priest.   These are two different rolls that exist in the ministry, but are not to be interchanged.  Throughout the bible, we find examples of women serving as prophetess or judge (Miriam, Deborah), but never an instance of a woman serving as priest.  I find that, for lack of knowledge and wisdom, some in leadership positions (recently in the Columbia Union and Pacific Union), are making grave mistakes, and even giving themselves authority over matters of the church that do not belong to them.  Men could never have voted Ellen White into the ministry as a prophetess, but God did.  This was an exception and not a foundation of new theology. Our brother in Christ, the apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, clearly outlined to Timothy, the conditions of a bishop / elder / head of church.  Among several conditions, inspiration reveals to us that the candidate is to be "a husband of one wife".  Notice, inspiration does not say - the spouse of a husband -.  The issue put before us is too clear to be a subject of controversy.  Let us reason together and be in ONE ACCORD, is my meditation and prayer.