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Pacific Union Conference - Executive Committee
 Pacific Union Conference             www.puconline.org
   2686 Townsgate Road, Westlake Villare, CA  91359     (805) 413-7100
                                         Publication:             Churches:  696     Members:  217,370

  President (Chair of Exec. Comm)    Ricardo Graham         RGraham@PUConline.org 
  Exec. Secretary:     Bradford Newton        ExecSecretary@PUConline.org  
  Treasurer:              Ted Benson                 Treasurer@PUConline.org  

  Vice President:       Arnold Trujillo             VPadmin@PUConline.org
Regional Dir. African American Min.   Bobby Mitchell    Regional@PUConline.org
Director, Asian-Pacific Ministries      VicLouis Arreola,     LINKEDin
Director, Hispanic Ministries             Jorge Soria      Hispanic@PUConline.org   (805) 413-7384
Director, Education                     Ms. Berit Von Pohle    

  Director of Communications   Gerry Chudleigh   ( not member of Exec. Committee )
Arizona Conference     www.AZConference.org
     President:   Tony Anobile   
Central California Conference, Clovis, California     http://ccc.adventist.org  
    President:   Ramiro Cano     (559) 347-3000
Hawaii Conference,  Honolulu, Hawaii      http://hwic.adventistfaith.org/  
   President:   Ralph Watts III         LINKEDin       (808) 595-7591    WattsR@Hawaiiconf.com    
Northern California Conference,  Pleasant Hill, Calif    www.NCC.Adventist.org
   President:  Jim Pederson     LINKEDin    (925) 685-4300
Nevada - Utah Conference   Reno, Nevada    www.NevadaUtah.org
   President:   Larry Unterseher     (775) 322-6929
Southeastern California Conference, Riverside, Calif.      www.SECC.AdventistFaith.org
    President:      Sandra Roberts   ►   LINKEDin  (elected Oct. 2013)     (951) 509-2200    
                                                                                  General E-mail:    info@SECCsda.org
         (Territory:  Counties of San Diego, Imperial, Orange Riverside and San Bernardino)
         List of Members of the Executive Committee and ByLaws Committee
Southern California Conference, Glendale, CA    www.SCC.Adventist.org 
    President:  Larry Caviness       (818) 546-8400
   Members of LaSierra University Board of Trustees  have this  ► after name
Mistee Arias,  (Nevada-Utah Conference)
Thaine Creitz,  (Arizona Conference)        LINKEDin
Curlie Carlisle,  (Central California Conference)
Bob Carmen,  President of Adventist Health
Veronica Chalco,  (Southeastern California Conf)
Virgil Childs,     (Northern Calif Conf),  Director  (San Francisco),   LINKEDin
Isabel Fritzler,  (Arizona), Media Production     LINKEDin
Reijin Fujita, 
Dale Galusha,  President, Pacific Press,  (Idaho)     LINKEDin
Carlos Garcia,  (Nevade-Utah Conference)
Dean Horinouchi,    (Southern California Conf)
                   Pastor, Mission Road SDA Church   (Loma Linda),    LINKEDin 
Antonio Huerta  (Central California Conf), 
Charles Johnson  (Southeastern California Conf)
Elouise (Ellie) Kaanaana,  (Hawaii Conference)      LINKEDin
Alfredo Lee,  (Southern California Conf)
Hugo Leon,  (Northern California Conf)
Jim Lorenz,  (Northern California Conf)
Peter Lou     (Southern California Conf)
Enrique Martinez  (Hawaii Conference)
George Miller,  (Northern California Conf)
Barbara Morrison,  (Northern California Conf)
Kathleen Myers,  (Southern California Conf)
Walt Nelson,  (Hawaii Conference)
                      Pastor, Honolulu Central SDA Church      LINKEDin
Chris Oberg,   (Southeastern California Conf)
Kelli Pershing Priest  ( Nevada - Utah Conference )
Maurita Phillips-Thornburgh,   (Southern California Conf)
Myriam Salcedo-Gonzalez,    (Southern California Conf)
Shannon Skelton,  (Nevada-Utah Conference)
Alice Soderblom,   (Southeastern California Conf)
Chad Stuart,    (Central California Conference)  
            Sr, Pastor, Visalia SDA Church, Visalia, California    LINKEDin
Matt Tresenriter,  (Central Californial Conference)
Charles White  ( Arizona Conference )
Randal Wisbey,   President, LaSierra College    
Heather Knight,   President, Pacific Union College
Other MEMBERS:    Gladys Gallego,
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