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Dishonor the God of Heaven ( 12 )

Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White with the phrase . . .

dishonor  the  God  of  Heaven

We have been pained as we have had brought to our notice papers, advertisers of sorcery and witchcraft, the work of magicians and all this sort of thing, going on in Battle Creek. . . . There is in these manifestations of a power that is above human power; and where is it? It is the power of Satan; and just as soon as you begin to bring yourselves in connection with these sorcerers, and give them the least license, you dishonor the God of heaven, and imperil your own souls. . . .  {9MR 111.1}

God has the same power to bestow upon us as he gave to his people anciently, and he will give it to his people now, if we do not choose our own ways but God's ways. Let God take care of his people, and teach and direct them, and let man keep his plans out of the way. We would not lessen the courage of God's people, and be in a position where we shall dishonor the God of heaven, instead of glorifying him. There are many things brought to view in the Scriptures that will help us. James was killed, and because the enemies of the gospel saw that it pleased the Jews, they were going to take Peter, but they did not, because the Lord took charge of him. They killed Stephen, but the angel of the Lord opened the prison doors for Peter, for "prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him." There is your work. Pray as you have never prayed before; and if you spend nights in prayer, and learn to trust God, you will have an intelligent experience. It was by praying without ceasing that Peter gained the victory, and when the angel went to bring him out, Peter was bound with two chains, and, behold, the angel of the Lord came forth, and smote Peter on the side, and said, "Rise up quickly."  {RH, April 29, 1890 par. 1}

Daniel was imbued with the spirit of Jesus Christ, and he pleaded that the wise men of Babylon should not be destroyed. The followers of Christ do not possess the attributes of Satan, which make it a pleasure to grieve and afflict the creatures of God. They have the spirit of their Master who said, "I am come to seek and to save that which was lost. I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." Had Daniel possessed the same quality of religious zeal which is so quickly inflamed today in the churches, and men are led by it to afflict and oppress and destroy those who do not serve God after their prescribed plan, he would have said to Arioch, "These men who claim to be wise men, are deceiving the king. They have not the knowledge they claim to have, and should be destroyed. They dishonor the God of heaven, they serve idols, and their lives in no way do honor to God; let them die; but bring me in before the king and I will show unto the king the interpretation."  {CC 251.3}  {YI, November 22, 1894 par. 4}
Position and influence, be they ever so exalted, should not be made an excuse for misappropriating the Lord's goods. The special favors of God should stimulate us to render wholehearted and affectionate service to Him; but many who are thus blessed forget the Giver, and become reckless, defiant, and profligate. They dishonor the God of heaven, and wield an influence that curses and destroys their associates. They do not seek to lessen the sufferings of the needy. They do not build up the work of God. They do not seek to redress the wrongs of the innocent, to plead the cause of the widow and the orphan, or to reveal a lofty pattern of character before high and low, showing a spirit of beneficence and virtue. But on the contrary, they oppress the hireling; they keep back by fraud the just recompense for labor, cheat the innocent, rob the widow, and heap up treasure corroded with the blood of souls. They will have to render an account at the bar of God. This class are not doing the will of the Father in heaven, and they will hear the stern command, "Depart from Me, ye that work iniquity."-- R. & H, Feb. 14, 1888.  {CS 127.3}   {RH, February 14, 1888 par. 8}
But God decreed otherwise. Not all had bowed the knee to the idolatrous symbol of human power. In the midst of the worshipping multitude there were three men who were firmly resolved not thus to dishonor the God of heaven. Their God was King of kings and Lord of lords; they would bow to none other.  {PK 506.2}
The worship of the image which the king had set up, was made the established religion of the country. But the Hebrew children were determined not to dishonor the God of heaven, who made the world, and all things that are therein. Their God was the King of kings and Lord of lords, and they would serve him, at whatever cost.  {ST, September 2, 1897 par. 3}
We may expect, from the history that is given us of Daniel, that God would work for us as He did for Daniel. Daniel purposed in his mind that he would not comply with any condition that would in any way weaken his physical powers so that he could not give glory to God. Now if he had yielded to that very first test--to have eaten at the king's table--then he would have yielded to the second test. Had he said, "It is a very small matter whether I pray in secret or whether I pray openly to God and it is convenient for me to obey the command," then the Lord could not have let His blessing rest upon him in such a remarkable degree. But here is wherein Daniel saw God could be honored; that he, as a representative of God, must keep the living God exalted above all as the One who could give wisdom and power. Here was an opportunity for him to show to all from whence came his strength, and that man could not come in between him and his God; therefore he did not accommodate himself to the circumstances at all, but he placed himself in the position that he would lose his life rather than dishonor the God of heaven in any way. And we see that God honored Daniel with wisdom and understanding more than all the astrologers and magicians that were in the king's palace. And notwithstanding a gaping lion's den was open before him, yet he would repair to his tent and worship God there.  {10MR 91.1}
What excuses have we today that we are not in harmony with the laws of God's government? And what excuse can we render in the day of God for the disobedience of His requirements? Will you say "The whole world was in disobedience to the law of God, and I thought I would not be singular"? In that day, this excuse will not be accepted. You may present excuses now, but you will not venture to present them before the judge of all the earth, for just as soon as the books are opened and the characters that are written there are brought out, every mouth will be stopped, for the guilt of all stands as plainly revealed to themselves as to God. Everyone then will see just where he departed from the right way. Everyone will then discern the influence he had upon his fellow-men by his own departure from God's righteousness, to turn them away from the ways of truth and right. Everyone then will understand just what he did to dishonor the God of heaven by breaking His law.  {1SAT 27.1}

dishonor  to  the  God  of  Heaven

And yet the law of God is almost universally despised and trampled upon, while human laws are exalted. There is a power that is called in the Scriptures the man of sin, that has thought to change this great standard of righteousness. He has torn the fourth commandment from the bosom of the decalogue, and in place of God's holy Sabbath has substituted one of his own invention. Those who accept this spurious Sabbath do great dishonor to the God of Heaven, and their offense is greatly exaggerated when they not only break the law themselves, but endeavor to lead others to disregard it also.  {ST, July 24, 1884 par. 8}

 It is dishonoring to God for our churches to be burdened with debt. This state of things need not exist. It shows wrong management from beginning to end, and it is a dishonor to the God of heaven. Read and study prayerfully the fourth chapter of Zechariah. Then read the first chapter of Haggai, and see if this representation does not apply to you. While you have thought much of your own selves, of your own selfish interests, you have either neglected to arise and build, or have built on hired money, and have not made donations to free the church buildings from debt. Will you consider what it is your duty to do? Year after year passes by, and very little sacrifice is made to lessen the debt. The interest swallows up the means that should be used to pay off the principal.  {CS 261.1}

A second consideration of these youthful captives was that the king always asked a blessing before his meals, and addressed his idols as deity. He set apart a portion of his food, and also a portion of his wine to be presented to the idol gods whom he worshiped. This act, according to their religious instruction, consecrated the whole to the heathen god. To sit at the table where such idolatry was practiced, Daniel and his three brethren deemed, would be a dishonor to the God of heaven. These four children decided that they could not sit at the king's table, to eat of the food placed there, or to partake of the wine, all of which had been dedicated to an idol god. . . . There was no presumption with these youth, but a firm love for truth and righteousness. They did not choose to be singular, but they must be, else they would corrupt their ways in the courts of Babylon.-- Manuscript 122, March 10, 1897, "Daniel."  {UL 83.4}

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