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See  Spirit of the Lord  ( below )
+     Grieve the Spirit of God   (  )
+     Outpouring of the Spirit of God   (  )
Spirit  of  God  shall  be  withdrawn
+    Spirit of God shall be withdrawn  ( 5 )    ►   Shall be wholly withdrawn  (2)
+    The spirit of God is being withdrawn
The time is at hand when there will be sorrow in the world that no human balm can heal. The Spirit of God is being withdrawn.  Disasters by sea and by land follow one another in quick succession. How frequently we hear of earthquakes and tornadoes, of destruction by fire and flood, with great loss of life and property! Apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganized, unregulated forces of nature, wholly beyond the control of man; but in them all, God's purpose may be read. They are among the agencies by which He seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger. --Prophets and Kings, p. 277.  {ChS 52.3}  {CC 231.3}
- - -   of  the  Spirit  of  God
+    influence of the Spirit of God   (  )
+     guidance of the Spirit of God   (  )
+    things of the Spirit of God   (  )
+    under the control of the Spirit of God  (  )
+    Work of the Spirit of God   (  )
.  .  .  by  the  Spirit  of  God
+     moved by the spirit of God  ( 64 )  ►   I was moved by the Spirit of God  ( 9 )
                                                                       >    moved by the Holy Spirit   ( 32 )
+     prompted by the Spirit of God  ( 17 )
Control of the Spirit of God
+     under the control of the Spirit of God  (  )
The influence of the world leads those who engage in business activities, even in the work of God, to be content with a low level. Under the exercise of faithfulness to the cause of God, they gratify selfish ambition and unholy desires, thus enfeebling conscience and perverting religion. The Lord does not accept this kind of faithfulness. Look well to this matter. God is working that he may lift us up to a high standard of character; but as long as there is so little realization of the great need of his Holy Spirit in the transaction of business, in councils and board meetings, there will be continual deterioration in spiritual life, while at the same time there may be great activity in setting agencies at work for the advancement of the knowledge of the truth. But if the truth is not brought into the life, to sanctify the soul, those who engage in these activities will become stumbling-blocks to others. In the fear of God I tell you that these things have been repeated to me many times. We are far from being spiritual in character. The natural tendencies of the human heart must be subdued by the grace of God. They cannot be kept under our own control, but must be put under the control of the Spirit of God. Unless we do submit ourselves to God, we cannot work according to his will. Self, self, self, is mingled with the sacred work of God, and it stains and mars that which is most holy. { RH July 28, 1891, par. 2 }
Spirit  of  the  Lord
+    Spirit of the Lord  (   )
I hesitated and delayed about the sending out of that which the Spirit of the Lord impelled me to write. I did not want to be compelled to present the misleading influence of these sophistries. But in the providence of God, the errors that have been coming in must be met. { 1SM 205.2} 

          My personal favorite
Before the Reformation there were at times but very few copies of the Bible in existence, but God had not suffered His word to be wholly destroyed. Its truths were not to be forever hidden. He could as easily unchain the words of life as He could open prison doors and unbolt iron gates to set His servants free. In the different countries of Europe men were moved by the Spirit of God to search for the truth as for hid treasures. Providentially guided to the Holy Scriptures, they studied the sacred pages with intense interest. They were willing to accept the light at any cost to themselves. Though they did not see all things clearly, they were enabled to perceive many long-buried truths. As Heaven-sent messengers they went forth, rending asunder the chains of error and superstition, and calling upon those who had been so long enslaved, to arise and assert their liberty.  Great Controversy, page 79.1
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