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      In memory of 
          Prof. Thomas Lin Yun
                           UNSHAKEABLE HOPE
                                   by Lynda Razafin
                                When the winds
                                   of trial blow
                                   and the waves
                                      of the sea
                                      are rough;
                                When the tears
                                   flow down
                                   and no one seems
                                      to be able
                                      to relieve
                                   our wounded hearts;
                                May our peace,
                                   our serenity,
                                   remain unshakeable.
                                 For tears of sorrow
                                   only belong
                                   to this present world;
                                But tears of joy
                                   that lead
                                   to peace and happiness
                                      will usher in
                                      the world to come.
                                This is our
                                    present hope
                                    in the Lord.
                                       (c) L.R. 8/8/2010
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                 FEELING  FINE
                        by RFH
          You may find
             I'm feeling fine;
          No troubled mind
             troubles mine.
          "For they that wait upom the Lord . . .
         shall run, and not be weary . . .
         shall walk, and not faint."   Isaiah 40: 31
                  (c) RFH 10/9/2010
            by RFH
   Only by grace
      did I find a place
        in His process
          of selection;
   Had my heart been pure
   I'd not had to endure
   so much the pain
    of correction.
  "... My grace is sufficient
  for thee; for My strength
  is made perfect in [your]
  weakness ..."
          2 Corinthians 12:9
   "For whom the LORD
   loveth He correcteth."
                    Proverbs 3:2
          (c) RFH 7/14/2014
  [Nonprofit use permitted] . .
                 by RFH
     Aimed at my heart
       these darts ablaze
       disturb my nights,
         upset my days;
     I'm not so sure
       that I should stay
       or take myself
         far, far away;
     Peace of mind
       is all I desire;
       Lord, shield me from
         these arrows of fire.
     "Wait on the LORD: be
     of good courage and He
     shall strengthen thine
     heart ..."  Psalm 27:14
            (c) RFH 10/2/2010
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                by RFH
This world is filling up
  with so much evil,
  you'd think at least half
    of us were mindless;
One after another,
  cruel acts are performed
  so often, you cry
    at acts of kindness;
Still, not many see
  much need but to serve
  themselves (or their own);
    Lord, please end this blindness.
                      (c) RFH 10/7/2010
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   To do right
     then wrongfully die --
       half the victory's
         in the try.
             (c) RFH 10/12/2010
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