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Permission to use Adventists name - Health Care

Changing  name  of  LINKEDin  groups  for  Adventists

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by getting permission to use the name God gave us

On March 6, 2012 an Associate General Counsel of the General Conference sent me an e-mail informing me that many LINKEDin groups have names that violate church owned Trademarks. Here is a list of their registered Trademarks ® - Click Here

I complied with the request and changed the name of the main group on March 18th to

E-ventists in Health Care

about 40 other groups changed their name before the deadline given.

About 60 other LINKEDin groups continue in violation of church trademarks and LOGOs.

We are God’s people who understand the inspired writings which says we should never be ashamed of the name Seventh-day Adventists

We are Seventh-day Adventists, and of this name we are never to be ashamed. As a people we must take a firm stand for truth and righteousness. Thus we shall glorify God. We are to be delivered from dangers, not ensnared and corrupted by them. That this may be, we must look ever to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  - -  Letter 106, 1903  (also Selected Messages, Book 2, page 384, par. 2)

The problem to be solved is HOW do Adventists who Network on the internet for the blessings of fellowship, sharing information and discussion; describe who they are? Especially when they are not given permission to use their name to describe their meeting venue with the words “Adventists” or “Seventh-day Adventists”? Without the name that describes who we are, it is hard to describe our group to others.
With the Lord's help we have coined a new word  E-ventist which complies with the GC legal action and may still attract other Adventists; E-ventist has enticed several owners of the other Adventist groups to change the name of their group before the GC lawyers contact them with a similar letter.  There are over 3,850 Adventists affected by this or now in a group with the name E-ventist.
E-ventist Network group ( 1,114 members );  E-ventists in Health Care ( 729 members );  E-ventists in Information Technology ( 537 members );  E-ventists in Education ( 398 members );  NOT ADRA, but we support ADRA group ( 319 members ); E-ventists in Publishing ( 169 members );  E-ventists in Atlanta ( 125 members );  E-ventists in Media and Communications ( 114 members );  E-ventsts in California ( 57 members );  E-ventists in Animation and Computer Graphics ( 48 members ) and many more. There are also 24 subgroups of these groups, the largest is  Attending GC Session ( 68 members ); and E-ventist Pastors ( 55 members ). For a complete list of the LINKEDin groups affected by the legal action by the  GC lawyer  Click Here
These numbers were last updated on May 15, 2012
Since we coined the word E-ventist we have also defined it.  An E-ventist is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church who does not have permission to call himself or herself an Adventist when they network and meet other Adventists on the on-line venue www.LINKEDin.com.  There are many Adventists in these groups that are not happy with this situation and would like to ask permission to return to the name Adventist.  It seems that Ted Wilson is in the position to grant this request.
Therefore, we are preparing to contact him.  The E-ventist Network group is has been discussing this since April. Over 100 comments have been posted - some of the comments are posted below, so that it can be shown to Ted Wilson or others in a position to grant our request.
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Any member of a LINKEDin group affected by the GC legal action can post a comment below  and  it may be selected to appear above on this page. If you are not a member of a group, here is URL to join  the 
E-ventists  in  Health Care

If you are a member of the E-ventist Network group I hope you like this page and I encourage you to comment on the discussion in the group.
If you are a member of any of the sixty LINKEDin groups that have not been contacted by the GC lawyer. Or you are a member of any of the hundreds of FaceBook groups that are in violation of church trademarks or LOGO's feel free to comment on this page. Your comment should indicate which group or on-line venue you are a member of.
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