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Inspirational Messages

                     Here is a list of messages that we hope will inspire and refresh you.
                       Video and Audio Sermons

  Ted Wilson - Appeal to Annual Council  -  Oct. 10, 2018
 Ted Wilson - Sermon to GC Session    July 3, 2010
 Ted Wilson - Sermon to GYC Convention -  Jan. 1. 2011

 Ted Wilson - Message to Annual Council  -  Oct. 13, 2012

   Link to other sermons by Ted Wilson, President of General Conference
 Article on Corporate Identity by Ted Wilson - Aug. 8, 2011

  Message to Annual Council - by Ted Wilson - Oct. 5, 2016
   - Transcript of "Stand for the Right"
  Message to 2018 Leadership Summit, Lisbon, Portugal - Feb. 7, 2018
   - The Spiritual Necessicity of Church Unity and Biblical Authority to Accomplish Mission  Transcript of Message by Ted Wilson

Sex in the Temple,   Dwight Nelson  -  2010
      Sermon Texts by our friends
  What is a Soul?  How can I see one? Mar. 2012
  State of the dead.  With whom do mediums speak? Mar. 2012
  What is Faith and How can I get some? Jan. 2012
  Conversion Jan. 2012
  What is Christmas for ? Dec. 2011
  What Does the Bible have to say about Diet Dec. 2011
  Being Industrious in our Temperal Affairs Oct. 2011
  How to Treat Fellow Humans Aug. 2011
  Heaven July 2011
  Learning in the School of Christ June 2011
  Thoughts on Thoughts May 2011
  Perseverance Feb. 2011
  Universalist vs. Remnant        (Part 1)
    - Why so many denominations      (Part 2)
    - Church of Philadelphia in Rev. 3   (Part 3)
    -  Importance of the Sabbath         (Part 4)
Jan. 2011
  Questions about celebration of Christmas Dec. 2010
  Who Is God? Nov. 2010
 Showers of Blessing from Above Nov. 2010
 Parable of Rich Man and Lazarus Nov. 2010
  God Is Our Strength Nov. 2010
 Babylon is Fallen, Come out of Her My People Oct. 2010
  Is it true that if we do not follow Jesus,
  We will be deceived by Sorcery?
Oct. 2010
 70 Weeks Prophecy - Daniel 9 
    Part 1:  Introduction
    Part 2:  Understanding the Prophecy
Sept. 2010
 What's Lust have to do with it? Aug. 2010
 Diligance vs. Laziness Aug. 2010
 Anger - What do we do with anger? Aug. 2010
 The Remnant and the Time of Trouble July 2010
 It's All About Love July 2010 
 It's All About Love  ( Part 2 ) July 2010
 Why Satan Hates Us July 2010 
Inspirational Stories  (found on the internet)
Personal Testimony of Jim Caviezel  (actor in 'Person of Interest' on TV series)
Untitled Story   http://godslittleacre.net/inspirationalstories/untitled_story.html
Topics for future sermons
Page of Spirit of Prophecy texts that can inspire your sermon

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