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True Wisdom
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True  Wisdom 
Related phrase:  source of true wisdom  ( below )
True wisdom is a treasure as lasting as eternity. Many of the world's so-called wise men are wise only in their own estimation. Content with the acquisition of worldly wisdom, they never enter the garden of God, to become acquainted with the treasures of knowledge contained in His holy Word. Supposing themselves to be wise, they are ignorant concerning the wisdom which all must have who gain eternal life.... The unlearned man, if he knows God and Jesus Christ, has a more enduring wisdom than has the most learned man who despises the instruction of God.  {SD 183.4}
The control of the thoughts, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, will give control of the words. This is true wisdom, and will ensure quietness of mind, contentment, and peace. There will be joy in the contemplation of the riches of the grace of God.  {HP 164.5}
Here the most inquisitive may safely learn in the school of Christ that which will prove for their present and everlasting good. The uneasy and dissatisfied will here find rest. With their thoughts and affections centered in Christ, they will obtain true wisdom, which will be worth more to them than the richest earthly treasures.  {ApM 32.1}
The gospel message is far from being opposed to true knowledge and intellectual attainments. It is itself true science, true intellectual knowledge. True wisdom is infinitely above the comprehension of the worldly wise. The hidden wisdom, which is Christ formed within, the hope of glory, is a wisdom high as heaven. The deep principles of godliness are sublime and eternal. A Christian experience alone can help us to understand this problem, and obtain the treasures of knowledge which have been hidden in the counsels of God, but are now made known to all who have a vital connection with Christ.  {OHC 364.4}
You are not elevated in your ideas, or aspiring in your labors. You are content to be commonplace and to make a cheap minister. You do not aspire to perfection of Christian character and to that position in the work that Christ requires every one of His chosen ministers to attain. No one professing to bear the truth to others is fitted for the responsible work unless he is making advancement in knowledge and in consecration to the work, and is improving his manners and temper, and growing in true wisdom from day to day. Close communion with God is necessary for every man who would guide souls into the truth. It should ever be borne in mind by those who take upon themselves the burden of guiding souls out of nature's darkness into the marvelous light that they themselves must be advancing in that light, else how can they lead others? If they are walking in darkness themselves, it is a most fearful responsibility which they assume in pretending to teach others the way.  {3T 461.2}
True wisdom is full of mercy and good fruits. There are bigots enough in the world who imagine that everything which concerns them is perfect, while they pick flaws in the motives and principles of others. Will you look at these things as they are? As long as you disparage others, you are not what God would have you to be, nor what you must be if you are ever saved in the kingdom of heaven. The converting power of God must come into your hearts and transform your characters before you can adorn the gospel of Christ with a well-ordered life and a godly conversation. Then there will be no evil-speaking, no evil surmising, no accusing of your brethren, no secret working to exalt self and disparage others. Christ will reign in your hearts by faith. Your eyes and your tongue will be sanctified, and your ears will refuse to listen to evil reports or suggestions from believers or unbelievers. Your senses, your appetites and passions, will all be under the control of the Spirit of God; they will not be given up to the control of Satan, that he may employ your members as instruments of unrighteousness. { RH March 12, 1895, par. 11 }
Those who secure for their children worldly wealth and honor at the expense of their eternal interests, will find in the end that these advantages are a terrible loss. Like Lot, many see their children ruined, and barely save their own souls. Their life work is lost; their life is a sad failure. Had they exercised true wisdom, their children might have had less of worldly prosperity, but they would have made sure of a title to the immortal inheritance.--  Patriarchs and Prophets, page 169.2 {CE 225.3} 
The  source  of  true  Wisdom
True "Higher Education." -- We must not discourage our brethren, weakening their hands so that the work which God desires to accomplish through them shall not be done. Let not too much time be occupied in fitting up men to do missionary work. Instruction is necessary, but let all remember that Christ is the Great Teacher and the Source of all true wisdom. Let young and old consecrate themselves to God, take up the work, and go forward, laboring in humility under the control of the Holy Spirit. Let those who have been in school go out into the field and put to a practical use the knowledge they have gained. If canvassers will do this, using the ability which God has given them, seeking counsel from Him, and combining the work of selling books with personal labor for the people, their talents will increase by exercise, and they will learn many practical lessons which they could not possibly learn in school. The education obtained in this practical way may properly be termed higher education. -- Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 330, 331. (1900)  {CM 32.2}   {MC 68.1}
And while Dr. Cheyne thus strove, even from the tomb, to beckon sinners to the Saviour and to glory, he concealed his own name, withholding it from the column entirely. He was not less careful to say, as speaking to the passer-by, "The name and profession and age of him whose body lies beneath are of little consequence, but it may be of great importance to you to know that by the grace of God he was brought to look to the Lord Jesus as the only Saviour of sinners, and that this looking unto Jesus gave peace to his soul." "Pray to God, pray to God," it says, "that you may be instructed in the gospel; and be assured that God will give the Holy Spirit, the only teacher of true wisdom, to them that ask Him."  {HP 235.4}  {MM 52.2}
From the first opening of a book the student should recognize God as the One who imparts true wisdom. He should seek divine counsel at every step. No arrangement should be made to which God cannot be a party, no union formed of which He cannot approve. From first to last the Author of wisdom should be recognized as the guide. Thus the knowledge obtained from books will be bound off by living faith in the infinite God. The student should not permit himself to be bound down to any particular course of study involving long periods of time, but should be guided in such matters by the Spirit of God....  {CT 410.3}
From the first opening of a book, the candidate for an education should recognize God as the one who imparts true wisdom. He should seek His counsel at every step along the way. No arrangement should be made to which God cannot be made a party, no union formed of which He is not the approver. The Author of wisdom should be recognized as the Guide from first to last. In this manner the knowledge obtained from books will be bound off by a living faith in the infinite God. The student should not permit himself to be bound down to any particular course of studies involving long periods of time, but should be guided in such matters by the Spirit of God.  {FE 347.1}
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